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Crafts from tires: flower beds, flower beds, figures, garden furniture


Hand-made things, as a rule, give us a special pleasure, and if this thing was created from ordinary materials left as unnecessary, for example, from an old tire already unnecessary and eventually turned into a useful surprisingly beautiful part of the garden and summer cottage, it is doubly more pleasant. . Even things so unattractive at first glance can be given a second life, while at the same time you will not be required to incur any costs, only a few skills and imagination.

Production of flowerpots from tires for garden and seasonal dachas

Despite the existence of pot plants, most of them are used on the street. Flowerpots have long been appreciated by gardeners, because it is convenient to plant those plants, the soil for which must be of a certain composition, and the climate can be regulated by a simple transfer to a suitable protected place. Also, decorative flowers in a flowerpot create certain accents, attracting attention and creating exquisite harmony in the garden. They can decorate the courtyard, stairs, walkways and other places where there is no land. Outdoor flowerpots are usually made from natural materials, it can be ceramics, stone, clay or wood.

If you wish, you can make unusual decorations from car tires, various flowerpots, florists, and some craftsmen manage to make them

children's attractions and country furniture.

To work you need to have:

  1. car tire
  2. cement with sand and primer,
  3. paint and soap solution
  4. mesh for plaster or wire,
  5. crushed stone or pebbles of small size.

Step by step photos of the manufacture of vases of tires to give

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Step-by-step instructions for creating a pot of tires

Preparation of the base: you must first draw a cutting line and draw with a chalk outline on the side of the product, which can be in the form of petals or fringe. The rim slice is made with a knife along the border of the transition from soft rubber to a thicker tire in a circle. Under the tread inside the tire to be metal cord, so it is better to use tires without it. But, if you have already decided to work with such a tire, let the cord serve as your natural boundary, to which you need to make cuts from the center to the tread in the sidewall of the tire.

Making cuts: incisions 5-10 cm deep can be made with a well-sharpened knife. The width of the rifling - any, but not less than 10 cm, since in the future they will serve as the basis for decorative elements.

Wrenching tires: when cuts are made, it is necessary to turn the tire inside out. Turn out like this: they step on the inside of the tire, take hold of the edge with their hands and pull it upwards and towards themselves. Here it is important to achieve the first result. To this end, the edge is consistently turned over, standing on the already turned part, so that it does not turn back, but it suffices to turn out a small section and then the process will go quickly and smoothly.

Decor: cover the disc and rubber with a primer; in the future, the rubber sections between the cuts can be given the shape of petals, semicircles or triangles. Now you can paint the finished product, decorate with pebbles or apply an ornament.

It remains only to fill the form with soil, but before that it is desirable to lay a dense agrotextile material on the bottom and pour a layer of sand for drainage. You can plant your favorite flowers.

Varieties of the above model

You can make a flowerpot by removing the rim, then it will turn out without a stand and a leg, as in the photo below:

Or make a leg out of the previously cut part:

Leg from the rim looks very original:

How and what to cut tires?

Cutting a tire without proper skill is not so easy, but it is quite possible, there are several secrets here:

  • when cutting with a knife, it is better to lubricate the blade with grease, then it will be easier to slide,
  • take a blade with a reverse tooth of good steel,
  • if you have to cut the protector, use the grinder,
  • it is possible to cut the sidewall with an electric jigsaw, with a grinder in this case it is desirable to make only the first cut, as when using it while cutting rubber a persistent unpleasant smell appears.

We make out a leg from concrete for a flowerpot

If you want your pot to become a real work of art, decorate the disk with a solution of concrete and various stones. Here's how to do it:

first wind the disc with wire or plaster mark to ensure that the mortar is firmly fixed on the rubber,

  • Knead the solution out of water, cement and sand in a proportion: 0.5 / 1/3, make the solution a thick consistency, then it will be better attached to the disk,
  • using a trowel, apply the solution, as if throwing it. Immediately after applying the cement, you can decorate the foot of the pot with pebbles, you can even use pebbles or broken glass of various colors. After fixing the mortar, the stones must be washed and the excess cement removed with a stiff brush.
  • So that the leg of concrete does not crack, you need to moisten it with water for 3 days.

    On a note!

    • Low pots placed below eye level are usually sown with flowers covering their surface, as well as with low-growing flowers and plants. Bulb varieties of flowers are planted in such street vases - tulips, irises, daffodils, young, as well as stonecrop, saxifrage, hyacinths, etc.
    • It is worth paying attention to the flowers, specially bred for flowerpots - it is balsam, long-flowered, begonia, lobelia, primrose, nasturtium, in a flowerpot they bloom much longer than in open ground.
    • If the pot is on a hill or a pedestal, it is appropriate to plant drop-down and ampelous types of flowers. This may be a bell, petunia, begonia, fuchsia.

    Pot in the form of a tea service, master class

    Flowerpots in the form of a pair of tea look very unusual, such a pot in addition to practical use will be an excellent addition to landscape design. And most importantly - it can also be done with your own hands.

    For the manufacture of such a pot you will need:

    1. 3 wheels of different sizes: from the truck, from the lawn and from the car (size 13)
    2. tools: hacksaw, mount, sharp knife, screwdriver,
    3. self-tapping screws
    4. brushes, foam sponge, stencil and paint,
    5. plastic pipe with a diameter up to 4 cm.


    • Pick up 2 tires of different sizes, the one that cut the side surface more (in the form of a circle with a hole).
    • Put the cut out part on the place chosen for the pot.
    • Place a tire with a smaller diameter on the rubber wheel and attach it to the base with screws, make sure that the tire is centered on the base.
    • Place the second, larger one on the installed tire, the side from which the side part was cut out, should be on top. Now align the construction and connect both tires with each other using self-tapping screws or wire.
    • A cup handle can be made from a piece of hose or a plastic pipe, and you can use trim tires from other products.
    • You can paint the finished product and decorate with additional elements.

    Pot in the form of a cup of tires with his own hands

    Let's take a look at how to make a beautiful flowerpot of old car tires for flower beds. Notice how the pot is decorated with plastic flowers around the perimeter. The author of the photo made a handle for a cup of corrugated pipe.

    This cup can be put in the country, in the yard, on the street and in the playground.

    The step-by-step photo below shows the master class for making a cup of tires.

    Step-by-step photo of making a pot in the form of a cup:

    Pot in the form of a kettle from the tire do it yourself

    Here is an example of making a teapot for flowers from an old car tire. Pay attention that the author made a spout for a teapot from wood, and the handle, as in the previous example, of their corrugated pipe

    Step-by-step photo of making a pot in the form of a kettle:


    Another option pot in the form of a cup on a saucer

    For one such pot, you will need 4 tires, with three of them must be small and one big (from a tractor or a truck). A large tire plays the role of a saucer for a cup, it is placed on the ground, for better stability of the design, the lower tire can be buried in the ground. A piece of hose or plastic pipe is also used as a handle.

    Advantages and disadvantages of tire products

    1. simple and clear manufacturing technology
    2. the ability to achieve interesting forms due to the characteristics of the material,
    3. wide scope of fantasy for landscape design,
    4. low costs (especially with unnecessary tires).

    The disadvantages include only the characteristics of the chemical composition of tires, the fact is that with prolonged atmospheric exposure, be it sun or rain, toxic substances start to be released from the tires into the soil. Planting berries and vegetables in such products is undesirable.

    Flower pot in the form of a swan

    The original pot can be made of tires, if you give it the image of a swan.

    Stages of work

    • Do not cut the inside of the tire, it will help preserve the shape.
    • Pull back 3-4 cm from the tread edge and make cuts on both sides parallel to the circumference. The dimensions are approximately 2/3 of the surface, with wings from the wide parts on the sides, and the bird's neck from the narrow part in the middle.
    • From the middle part, cut off a piece and form a triangular head at the end.
    • Remove the cut tire. The wings should turn out; if necessary, modify them by making cuts to simulate feathers; the wings can be given any angle of inclination.
    • Color the resulting product and leave to dry. After that, you can put a pot in the desired area of ​​the estate, fill the hole with earth and plant the plants.

    Swan Cut Out Tire

    Photo source:

    + 100 photos of various pot making ideas

    Flower beds and flower pots of tires

    Let's start with the most, perhaps, simple flower beds and flower beds. Do you think making a multi-tiered flowerbed is difficult? Maybe, but not from tires. Take a few pieces of different sizes, paint in bright colors and fold the slide - one on another. That your hill did not collapse, fasten from within tires with the help of a screwdriver and screws. Two for one connection will be enough. Inside you fall asleep ground, plant plants. To prevent the soil from spilling out, you can lay the tire inside with a piece of geotextile. It will remove excess water, but will not allow the earth to get enough sleep. Beautiful flower longline ready.

    Longbed of tires

    If you like flower beds of the correct form, you can make such ones. For example, folding a tire of a flower bed in the form of a daisy. First, lay out and fasten together the tires in the lower tier. Fill the middle of the tire with the ground, as well as the free space inside the circle. There for better drainage, you can lay a broken brick or other debris, sprinkle a little on top and tamper. On the prepared surface, departing from the edge of more than half the diameter of the tire, lay out the second tier. They are also fastened together, the middle is covered with soil, and the core is set on top. Tall flowers can be planted at the top, and curb or undersized flowers at the lower tiers.

    Another way to make a longbed of tires

    Another option beds of tires in the form of a daisy - in one tier. To perform it will have to cut the tires.

    Flower-camomile of tires

    How to cut tires

    Generally, making crafts from tires, they often need to be cut. This is far from easy. It is less easily possible to cut off the side surface from the tread. People with strong hands and good knives do it by hand. Good, by the way, training for brushes and the entire shoulder girdle. If you cut it with a knife, grease the blade with grease: rubber constantly “wedges” the metal, and the coated blade well slides out.

    Also, you can cut the sidewall jigsaw or grinder. Grinder cut relatively quickly, but the stench at the same time is wild. Because the grinder, even if it is, make only the first cut so that you can enter the jigsaw saw. Further work with this tool. For cutting rubber take the blade with a reverse tooth of good steel.

    With tires with trimmed edges you can make a high bed for strawberries.

    If you have to cut the protector, do it with a jigsaw or even more so with a knife, it is useless. In any case, the usual knife. Blades of special steel can cut even the iron cord, but hardly anyone wants to disfigure such a tool on an old tire. Because work most grinders. In order to avoid trouble, the protector is fixed: always think about safety. If the sides are already cut off, the tread tape is quite elastic, it can be compressed with a clamp. Cut it does not springs.

    Flowerpot from a wheel: we turn out tires

    If there is a tire with an old rim, it can be used to make a flowerpot on the leg.

    Flowerpot from old auto wheels

    To do this, cut one side along the tread. And turn out. The case is not easy: you need considerable physical strength and perseverance. Rubber elastic and turn it out the first time does not work. If absolutely nothing, notches are made across the tread on the outside. They should be quite deep, but not transparent. It will also help if you make cuts along the edge at least 5-7 centimeters deep. They will look like a fringe on a twisted tire.

    Why turn out? The inner surface is smoother, and the shape can be more interesting, especially if the edge is not linear, but jagged. It will turn out gracefully bent off ornament.

    Another version of the pot of tires

    For details on how to turn the tire, see the video.

    Similarly, you can turn the tire without the wheel. The sequence of actions is the same. First, cut off one of the sides - straight or zigzag. To the "petals" were smooth, they are desirable to mark. It is convenient to do this with chalk. The mark is then cut with an electric jigsaw or a knife (if the cord is synthetic).

    The process of turning old tires into a flower garden

    Turn out like this: they step on the inside of the tire, take hold of the edge with their hands and pull it upwards and towards themselves. It is important to achieve the first result: when at least some part is arched. If the tire looks like the photo below, this is already a success. It is developed, consistently turning out the edge and standing on the already twisted part - so that it does not turn back.

    We turn out the tire without a rim

    See the video process again. At this time, turn the tire without a wheel (cut, by the way with a knife).

    Even by itself, such a car inside out looks good. If you paint it, it becomes even better. If desired, they can be combined - different colors, sizes, differently installed: on the tire or on the legs.

    It always looks beautiful flowerbed. Especially with ampelous plants. It can also be made from tires, with several possibilities. In the photo below there are two ways to fix trimmed tires at different levels. The first is to use for this hemp, to which nails or self-tapping screws to fix the pot. The second - to use fittings - three four rods, which wear rubber. Having set the tier at the right level, it needs to be fixed; this can be done on metal only with the help of clamps.

    Tiered high beds of tires

    It is not always possible to put a pot on the ground: some areas are so developed that one square meter is difficult to isolate. In this case, the people came up with a variety of hanging pots, and also - from old tires. Only a small part of the whole tire remains, so you have to cut a lot ... be patient. For example, you can make hanging pots in the form of a dolphin, parrot, rooster and other strange birds. Several ideas do not see the photo.

    Tire Cache - Parrot, Rooster and Dolphin

    All these crafts from tires. Only a small part of them - heads are often made from dense foam. Cutting and polishing the part of the desired shape, it is fixed with screws, lubricated with glue (this is a secret, remember), and then - painted. How to make a parrot out of tires, see in the video.

    You can make a path for a garden from cut tires that will serve for many years.

    Garden Tinker Crafts

    The fantasy of people is limitless and they make amazing decorations from old automobile tires. The most common crafts are figures of birds and animals. And the most favorite, perhaps, character - a swan. It turns out he is graceful and similar, especially if you know some tricks.

    Tire Swans

    The main task in the manufacture of figures for the garden of the tires - the correct markup. For example, those swans in the photo above do not quite cut their heads. It can be made more believable by making a sharp beak. An example of cutting tires - in the photo below. Cutting such lines is definitely harder, but the result is impressive.

    How to carve out a swan from an old tire

    The tire is cut along the lines, then the wings turn out. In this case, the neck bends quite steeply. To be able to change this bend, you can fasten a metal plate with screws. When everything is covered with paint, nothing will be seen, and the tilt of the head can be changed, which is also quite relevant. Часто лебедя «садят» в гнездо из другой автошины.Then it is necessary to attach it with self-tapping screws: the figure must hold well and be stable.

    There is another improvement - the wings. They can be left as is, you can cut out “feathers” from rubber, or you can make feathers from white plastic bottles (6 feathers are made from one liter bottle) and attach them to the grid. Then such a bird will turn out ...

    The body of these decorative swans is made of tires, and all parts are made of scrap materials.

    How to make a swan from tires - from cutting to final finishing - look in the video.

    Using a similar technology, numerous figures can be made to decorate a plot or garden. The easiest thing to do is a frog: the body is one or two tires painted green, legs can be made from trimming side pieces or some other materials, eyes — who can think of something — someone even made plastic cups or small tires, apparently, from a pram .

    They also make bears, flamingos, dragons, crocodiles, giraffes, zebras, donkeys ... it is easier to say who they don’t. Some of the crafts from the tires, see the photo gallery.

    Tire rides can be made for the playground. Especially a lot of exciting crafts turns out for boys: self-propelled gun, gun, cars, tractors ... they will definitely like it.

    Garden and cottage tire furniture

    It is hard to believe, but even furniture is made of tires: ottomans, tables, chairs. All this can be done from an old tire. The easiest thing to do is ottomans: put several tires of the same diameter (or not) one on another, fasten from the inside with screws. Top filled with dense furniture foam, sew and wear a cover. If you wish, you can attach the legs: even fasten the furniture wheels. It is easier to move on wheels and the floor does not get dirty; the second way out is to fix the felt from below (onto the staples from the stapler).

    Below are step-by-step photos of the main stages of creating a table or a padded stool of a tire. Two more circles of plywood or fiberboard of suitable diameter will be needed, hemp rope is used for decoration. From scrap materials will need glue and glue gun, as well as varnish and brush for its application. To connect the circles with the tire, you need a screwdriver and screws - 8-10 pieces each and every side.

    Ottoman or table of old tires

    Next, take the glue gun and warming up the glue, apply to the sidewall. If there is no such luxury in the household, take the glue that is in a larger tube, such as “liquid nails”. It is easier to work with a mounting gun. Apply the strip to the sidewall, glue the hempen rope. So - to the very top.

    We glue the sides with hemp rope

    Using the same technology, we decorate the table cover (ottoman). It is necessary to start laying from the middle: we put glue, we put a rope.

    We decorate the table cover

    Finishing work - applying varnish. We do leisurely, well soaking. This is what should be the result. If you made a table, you can put glass on top - a rope, even varnished, is not the best cover for the table, although it's beautiful ...

    This ottoman table turned out and the old tires and hemp rope

    Diversity can be achieved through the cover. It can be sewn from a vending dense material.

    You can connect - a large mating looks interesting.

    Knitted cover of large knitting looks interesting

    If you do not want to sew and knit, you can use old knitted things cut into strips. They are cut into long strips 3-5 cm thick, coiled into coils and then wrapped with an ottoman. It turns out interesting, especially if several colors are combined.

    Cut the old knitwear into strips, wind into balls, wrap the ottoman with a top. The result is in front of you

    The same technique in different colors

    If you need a higher ottoman, twist the two tires together with screws, and in this form work with them further.

    How to make a high ottoman

    This is the result of labor.

    Another option, see the video

    Materials and tools

    For the manufacture of a flower bed, we need:

    • car tires,
    • primer,
    • cement mixture
    • wire or plaster net,
    • small pebbles,
    • soap solution
    • acrylic paint or enamel.

    Car owners know that tires can be different - winter and summer, imported and domestic, with different radius. Therefore, before starting work, choose the right rubber. Experts recommend choosing imported winter tires with the most erased tread, because they have the thinnest and softest tires.

    To reduce costs, you can apply for old tires to the nearest tire service. Old shabby tires that are no longer suitable for use on cars can be obtained free of charge. If someone from relatives or friends recently made repairs, it is likely to get the remains of paint, primer and cement as a gift.

    In addition to the necessary materials, you should also stock up on the following tools:

    • knife,
    • electric jigsaw,
    • hard brush
    • paint brush,
    • Master OK,
    • Sander,
    • capacity for preparation of solution.

    Manufacturing technology flowerpot

    The process takes place in several stages:

    1. Preparing the base. Cut the rim with a knife around the tire at the transition from softer to more rigid rubber. Inside the tire, under the tread, there is a metal cord. It will serve as the boundary of the side cuts, which are made from the center to the side tread.
    2. We make cuts. With a well-sharpened knife, we make cuts up to 10 cm in depth. We choose the width at our discretion, taking into account that they will become the basis for the decor of our flowerpot.
    3. Turning the tire. When all the cuts are made, the tire must be turned inside out. To do this, turn it downwards with incisions, fix the side with the whole rim on the ground where the protector begins. We begin to turn out from the center at an angle of about 45 degrees.
    4. Grind. To give the future flowerpot a more aesthetic look, we treat the tire with a grinder.
    5. We make a leg. For this ideal disc from the wheel. All that needs to be done is to mount both parts of the rubber (trimmed piece and sidewall) on the disc. If there is no disk, you can use a tire with a large radius as a leg, or make a stand out of concrete.
    6. Decorating. To get started is to treat our pot with a primer. Then we give the desired shape to the cuts and color it in the desired color.
    7. Fill a flower bed with soil. At the bottom of the pot make a drainage pillow of small pebbles. Then fill it with floral soil.

    Pot out of the tire with his own hands ready.

    How to choose the right tire

    If there is a choice, it is preferable to use imported tires - they are softer and therefore are processed much easier and faster than domestic ones. Winter tires are preferable for work than summer tires, as they have a more pronounced relief. When creating a flower bed, it is better to use worn tires - it is more convenient for them to give even the most bizarre shape. However, do not choose badly damaged tires. Those that are difficult, if not impossible, to be cleaned of impurities like tar and so forth are not suitable either.

    Detailed instructions: how to make a bed of tires with their own hands

    • Work begins with the tire markup. Apply with chalk or awl on the rubber in a circle the contour of the future petals. The shape can be any: semicircular, triangular, rectangular or fantasy (although it will be much more difficult to cut it). In order to get even triangular petals, attach the angle of a standard board of suitable size to the rubber and carefully draw it, from time to time moving around the tire. If the last petal does not fit - just correct the neighboring ones by reducing them or increasing them. Also, for applying the semicircular petals, you can trace around the contour a round object of suitable diameter.
    • Further, if you are working with a regular knife, just gently cut the rubber on the markup, not forgetting to dip the knife in the water to facilitate the process. Working with an electric jigsaw is more skillful - you will have to adapt yourself to sawing rubber in places where it is thickened and to make inconspicuous turns with a jigsaw for sawing in the opposite direction. It is more convenient to cut the petals before reaching the tread plane, so it will be easier to deploy the tool.
    • Cutting the petals, beds of tires to be turned inside out - this is the most difficult stage of work. Here you will understand why it was worth cutting the petals to the tread. You can, of course, cut the inner part with a circular cord on the opposite side, then it will be easier to twist the tire, but beds of tires may lose their shape. Try turning out one side of the tire first and flattening the rubber into an oval; after that, the tire should easily turn out completely.
    • It remains only to wash and degrease the resulting blanks for flower beds, and then paint in any color at will. You can use white paint, mixing it with different colors, preferably light shades. Dark colors will look gloomy and not so impressive. Experiment with combinations of different shades, show creativity! Whether you have plain flower beds of tires or with ornaments and patterns - depends only on your taste.

    It is better to choose wheels with the most worn tread

    Interesting ideas for a bed of tires: swans, parrots, turtles

    It is not necessary to be limited to only round vases, beds of old tires can be made in the form of interesting figures. Imagine how your plot will change when charming swans, flamingos, exotic toucans, donkeys, turtles and other animals made of tires and filled with bright colors appear on it!

    Probably, you have often met flower beds in the form of white or black swans with bulky wings and long curved necks. Someone in the garden, such figures themselves act as decoration, and someone uses swans as pots for a pot of flowers.

    The process of making a swan from a tire is described in detail on our website. Taking it as a basis, you can make a more exclusive option - exotic toucans or multi-colored parrots. For the volume of the figure, the tire turns inside out; in addition, a beak is cut from plywood, which is attached to the head with nails or bolts. Mask the bolts under the eyes, cut the tail into wide or narrow strips and draw bright plumage to your birds. Such structures from the tires will make your garden or suburban area unique and will surely arouse the admiration of your guests.

    Video about flower beds of tires and tires in the form of tea cups

    An interesting option - turtle figure. It is done quite easily: in the car tire, slots are created at the site of the future turtles' paws, the outer part with the tread is cut out of the second tire and is divided across into four parts - these will be the legs. Insert the cut elements into the slots, add a small tail at the back, and make a head from a flat plastic bottle. It remains to paint the turtle, put soil in the middle of the tire and plant flowers.

    The beds of tires to make quite simple. If you are not yet confident in your abilities to make flamingos and swans out of tires, you can stop at round vases or build an unusual a border from flowerpots tires in the form of a large chain. To do this, it is enough to cut the inner parts of the tires, lay them, keeping an equal distance between them, and dig in empty tires vertically between them. “Chain links” are connected using transverse cuts in vertically mounted tires, the incision points are held together with wire. Paint the finished “chain” of tires with silver or a solution of bronze powder to make it more similar - the original border with flowers is ready!

    How to choose the right tire?

    Great when there is possibly a choice. Choosing between old tires of domestic producers and imported products, preference should be attributed to the latter. Imported used tires have softer and thinner tires, which are much easier to work with. If you choose between "summer" and "winter" tires, then the winter version is more suitable for work.

    When deciding to create original flower beds of tires with your own hands, turning old used tires into street vases of fancy shapes, it is necessary to prepare the source material in advance and think about its design.

    In order to make a bed of old tires, it is desirable to choose wheels with maximum tread wear. An erased tread layer makes the product softer and makes it much easier to turn it inside out.

    Sand and soil tires must be cleaned. And the thing is not that it is more pleasant to work with a clean product. Just when working with dirty tires, the blade of the knife and the file gets dull much faster.

    Stage # 1 - applying the cut line

    Before you start making a flower bed from a tire, you need to think about how the finished product will look like: a bowl with smooth edges, a pot with a wavy cut line or a flower bed in the shape of a large flower bordered with petals or a fringe.

    The drawing along the contour of which the cut line will be drawn is applied on the side of the product.

    Thinking through the shape of the cut, it is necessary to be guided by the fact that the result should be a “pan-lid” construction: a deep lower part and a cut off upper part. Around the entire circumference, the contour is easily applied with a felt-tip pen or chalk.

    It is interesting to see the edges of the cut, made with wavy lines or decorated in the form of teeth and fringe

    Stage # 2 - contour cutting

    Thinking through how to make a bed of an old wheel, designed in the form of a large flower, it is necessary to cut petals along the edge of the product. The size of each petal should not exceed 10-12 cm. Otherwise, when turning the tire in these places, the rubber will simply not bend, and the flowerbed will not take on an even round shape.

    For cutting the wheel, you can use a shoe knife. Well-honed tool will significantly speed up the work.

    Facilitate the cutting process by applying liquid soap to lubricate the knife blade.

    Well, if you have a jigsaw at hand. With the help of a jigsaw, it is convenient and quick to perform figure cutting.

    The mechanization of labor is described in detail on the video:

    Having performed tire cutting along the contour, it is necessary to make longitudinal cuts at a distance of 5-10 cm along the tread grooves.

    Stage # 3 - tire reversing

    When creating a flower bed on the leg of the wheels with their own hands, the first thing is to turn the rubber tire inside out. For many craftsmen, this stage of work becomes a real stumbling block. The process of turning rubber is quite a laborious process.

    Some masters recommend cutting the steel cord to facilitate the process.

    In order to cut the steel cord it is necessary with the help of the grinder to make several cuts on the outer side. Rubber cut smoothly. The contact between the disk and the cord can be judged by the bloom produced on the surface of the product and the white smoke emitted. To make cuts on equidistant distance of 15-20 cm.

    After the preparatory work, you can start turning out the tire. Before you begin to turn the tire out for the flowerbed, we would like to tell you a secret: just turn a small piece of the tire inside out, and the work will go "like clockwork."

    The inversion process is well shown in the video:

    A flower bed of old wheels is ready, you can proceed to its decoration.

    Registration of the finished product

    Creating and growing flower beds in black forms is not quite aesthetic. Therefore, as soon as the flowerbed is given the desired shape, you can begin to decorate it. Until the outer surface of the turned-out pot is covered with a layer of dust, it is desirable to paint it.

    Painting - the easiest and most affordable way to design a black rubber flower bed

    Oil paints, enamel and nitro paints are excellent for painting rubber products. The paint rests on a clean rubber surface evenly and lasts for quite a long time. For painting the flowerbed, you can also use the remnants of automotive paint. With the help of an aerosol can, work can be completed in just a few minutes.

    The use of light colors in the decoration of the flower bed will prevent overheating of the earth inside the container.

    It looks interesting combination of colors when the base of the flower bed is decorated in one color, and the teeth or petals - in another

    Most craftsmen paint a rubber flowerbed only from the outside. But still, to make the container more attractive, it is desirable to slightly grip the upper part of the inner surface of the product.

    In the design of flower beds, you can give complete freedom of fantasy. Glass aquarium pebbles, glued to the petals of the flower beds, will create the illusion of dew drops.

    If you want to further decorate the flowerbed, you can put a different color ornament on top of a single layer of paint. But you should not be especially zealous: with the wild growth of flowers, the flowerbed pattern can be completely closed by hanging or creeping plants.

    Minimum costs, some free time - and a smart decoration for arranging a country plot is ready

    Такая клумба станет достойным дополнением интерьера и элементом ландшафтного дизайна дачи. Остается только наполнить емкость слоем грунта и высадить любимые цветы.

    Как сделать бетонную ножку

    Для того, чтоб ножка вазона выглядела более оригинально её можно задекорировать при помощи цементного раствора и небольших камушков.

    First you need to wrap the disc with a grid for plaster. If it is not at hand, ordinary wire will do. This is necessary in order to increase the hitch of the solution to the surface. The next step is to prepare the solution. To do this, mix sand, water and cement in a ratio of 3: 0.5: 1. The thicker the solution is, the better it will be on the disc. Then with a trowel we throw the solution on the leg. This should be done carefully so as not to smear the pot itself. When the solution is applied, proceed to the decoration. With the help of small pebbles or colorful glass windows we make the desired composition with our hands. After drying, remove the excess cement with hard brush stones.

    Flowerpot of the tire with a stool

    For the manufacture of such a pot will need a tire, an old children's stool and screws.

    All that needs to be done is to fasten the tire to the stool with self-tapping screws and paint them. Then we fall asleep ground and plant flowers. Painted in monochromatic paint, such a flowerpot can be an ornament not only for the dacha, but also to improve the territory of an office building.

    Rose Flowerpot

    For the manufacture of such a pot will need 4-5 tires of different diameters. From the biggest tire we do a usual flowerpot on a leg. Then we take a smaller wheel, cut it and turn it over. We put in the main pot. And so all subsequent tires. We fasten inside with screws and decorate. It remains only to fill the ground and plant your favorite plants.

    Tiered flower beds of tires

    In addition to potting designs, tires can be made original flower beds. They can be both ordinary and multi-tiered. There is nothing easier than to make a multi-tiered flower bed of old tires. All that is needed for this - tires, screws and bright colors.

    We color the tires in bright colors and begin to collect a flower bed.

    To begin, choose the tire of the largest diameter - it will be the lower tier. Spread smaller tires on them and fasten them to each other with self-tapping screws. We continue to the desired height of the bed. Inside we fall asleep ground and plant our favorite flowers. Geotextiles can be laid inside the tires. This will help to avoid soil eruption.

    And also it is possible to make a multi-tiered flower bed-daisy. To do this, lay out the bottom row of tires and fill them with soil. The space in the middle can be filled with stones or debris and a little sprinkle with earth. We begin to lay out the second tier a little further than the middle of the lower tire. The third tier will be the core. When planting flowers in such beds, the upper tiers give the tallest plants, and the lower tiers - to low-growing curbstones.

    In the manufacture of flowerpots of old car tires, we kill two birds with one stone - we decorate our site and recycle unnecessary rubber.

    How to make a ottoman from the bus:

    Today we showed you a lot of ideas on what can be done from tires. For a garden, a more practical and pliable material is difficult to find, and what magnificent garden elements are obtained is a wonderful sight! The conclusion is simple, in the presence of a summer cottage - worn tires should not be thrown away!

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    Features and benefits

    Making a bed of tires, you can implement almost any creative idea. It is quite simple to make such a budget version of a frame of flowers on the plot - it’s enough to show a little imagination and make a little effort. The beds of tires have a number of advantages:

    • tires are durable
    • tires tolerate temperature fluctuations
    • almost any paint fits well on the rubber surface,
    • no need to spend money on material: almost everyone has an old tire,
    • as items of decor, you can use the improvised items.

    Due to the fact that rubber is a rather ductile material, the tire can be given a very different shape. You can paint the product in absolutely any color. Such a product can be used not only as an element of decor, but also as a functional attribute of the site. For example, in such beds you can plant small seedlings.

    You can make a flower garden according to ready-made examples, or using your own original ideas. You can supplement the finished design with any available materials: it all depends on your imagination and skill. The process of creating a flowerpot is often not completed after cutting and painting the tire. The product of a complex shape in the form of an intricate figure must be supplemented with decorative elements. When making a flower bed you may need the following materials:

    • decorative and natural stones,
    • construction metal mesh
    • plastic bottles,
    • remnants of various building materials
    • colored glass.

    From several flower beds you can create bright compositions. The combination of multi-level flowerbeds of various forms looks more impressive.. A popular option is the composition of the beds in the form of cups and a kettle. For its design does not have to turn out the tire and cut patterns on it. It is enough to put together several tires of varying size, to form handles from pieces of rubber and paint finished products.

    In the children's play area, flower beds in the form of animals or fairy-tale characters will be appropriate. From the tire and tread you can make a turtle:

    • the tread must be cut into four equal parts,
    • in the tire you need to make 4 cuts under the paws of the turtle,
    • Insert tread pieces into the holes and fix them with staples.
    • the tail is made of a small piece of rubber, fixed with wire clips,
    • neck turtle can be made from polymer pipe.
    • on the neck with the help of adhesive tape secure the head from the crumpled paper.
    • All design elements are painted in the appropriate shades.

    Other materials can be used to make the head, neck, paws and tail of a turtle. The product can be decorated with additional items (for example, put a small hat on the turtle's head and glasses on the nose).

    Near the house will look good flower beds that look like a flower. Before proceeding to the manufacture of such a pot, it is necessary to determine the shape of the petals. Petals can be in the shape of a triangle, a semicircle, a rectangle or wave-like. Sometimes they are narrow at the base and wide at the edges.

    On the outer surface of the tire mark the contour of the petals. For drawing a marking it is possible to use chalk or a felt-tip pen. Using a knife for shoes or a jigsaw, you must cut the petals. If the rubber is quite dense, and a knife will be used as a cutting tool, it is recommended to periodically dip the blade in soapy water during the cutting process.

    Holding the edges of the cuts, you must carefully turn the tire inside out. The finished product must be painted. Flower-shaped flowerbeds look more attractive when using different shades of the color palette when coloring.

    From a solid wheel (tires with a disk) you can make a magnificent pot on the leg.

    The workflow for creating such a flower bed consists of the following steps:

    • in the tire, reaching the tread with a cutting tool, cut out the petals of the desired shape,
    • then turn the upper and lower parts of the tire (you don’t need to get the disk - it will be a flowerpot leg),
    • the upper part is painted in saturated colors, the lower part will be a kind of stem, if it is painted green.

    One of the most common option beds of tires is a product in the form of a swan. This flower bed is made in the same way as a flower pot. The difference will be only in more difficult cutting. You can use the finished scheme, which depicts for application to the tire line of the wings, tail, neck and swan's head.

    After applying the markings on the tire, the very shape of the swan is cut out. Next, you need to unscrew the tire and complete the formation of the swan. The beak can be made of rubber, or any other convenient material, painted with orange paint and attached to the head with self-tapping screws. The eyes of a swan can be made from pieces of electrical tape.

    Usually the figure is painted white, but no one forbids the use of other shades (you can make colorful plumage).

    See below for a workshop on making a swan from tires.

    Required Tools

    To start making flower beds from tires, you need to prepare the necessary tools. First of all, it is a tool that will be used for cutting rubber (knife, electric jigsaw, Bulgarian). If you decide to use a knife, the blade must be sharpened well. It is worth considering that the dense rubber cut with a knife is quite problematic. To facilitate your work, before cutting the blade must be greased with grease. If the knife will not be used as the main tool for cutting tires, it can be useful for making small cuts.

    Use as a cutting tool electric jigsaw will be the best option. The more powerful the jigsaw, the easier it is to cut the wheel. For cutting tires, the ideal option would be a high-quality steel blade with a reverse tooth. It is much easier to cut the tire with a grinder than with a knife or jigsaw. The disadvantage of this tool is that the rubber on the edges of the cut will be melted, the cutting procedure will be accompanied by an unpleasant strong smell.

    If for the manufacture of the pot you need to cut the protector, do it better grinder.

    Then it is necessary to determine the type of paint for the flower bed. Almost any paint is good for rubber. The following types are mainly used:

    • aerosol,
    • oil-based enamel,
    • nitro enamel,
    • auto enamel

    If necessary, for painting tires, you must prepare a brush. You will need gloves to work, they will protect your hands from paint or other possible contamination.. For marking you need chalk, marker or soap. In the manufacture of complex shapes, some elements will have to be made from scrap materials. For mounting additional parts to the main figure of the tires will require brackets, screws.

    How to do?

    The manufacture of complex curly beds of tires is a laborious process that requires patience and some physical effort. Whatever form you want to give a bed of tires, the procedure for making a pot will always be almost the same. Here is a step-by-step instruction on which you can independently make a figured flower bed of tires:

    • Choose a tire. To work with the tires did not cause unnecessary trouble, you need to take tires that can be easily cut off (old, badly worn, thin winter or imported).
    • Carefully clean and dry the tire.
    • We are determined with the form. It is necessary to chalk with a chalk or a marker. The marks on the tire should be done as carefully as possible in order to facilitate the process of cutting out the shape in the future.
    • Cut along the drawn line, then remove the upper part. You can use jigsaw high power.
    • We turn the tire inside out (you need to take the cut edge with your hands, first stepping on the middle of the tire and with a force pull the rubber towards you).
    • Grind the cut edges and treat them with gasoline.
    • At the end of the bed must be painted, dry well and, if necessary, decorate with additional elements.

    All vases of tires can be divided into two main types: one-piece and carved. The simplest version of a bed of tires is a tire in its original form. Ennoble the appearance of such a pot can, using paint. These flower beds can be placed in small groups, or make of them a multi-level design.

    Multi-level design will look more attractive if you give it a pyramid shape. To do this, you need to take tires of different diameters and set them on top of each other. The difference in tire diameter should be at least 20 cm. Suspended flower beds will be a more interesting solution. Hanging a flower bed can be placed along a wall or a dead fence. The form of such a flower bed can be very diverse.