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How to choose a garden shredder for branches and grass - the best models


Disposal of garden garbage is a problem that requires immediate attention. Otherwise, in the shortest possible time, your land plot will turn into a grandiose dump. Do not want to constantly order a car for the export of dry foliage and old branches? Buy a grinder and the problem is solved!

This wonderful unit will turn waste into the most valuable fertilizer. By purchasing it, you kill two birds with one stone - get rid of unnecessary garbage and lay the foundation for rich harvests. That is why shredders have long become indispensable assistants in the improvement of gardening grounds. How long have you been dreaming of this? Get acquainted with our rating of the best models and choose!

a brief description of

First you need to figure out what a garden shredder is. The tool can be compared to a large meat grinder, which instead of meat chops branches, cones, bark, roots and other waste. The level of grinding can be adjusted and the result is sawdust or small pieces. Grinders are gasoline and electric. Knife system - disk or milling.

Disc includes several steel knives. It is optimal for the processing of green stems, thin dry branches, grass, leaves and other "soft" debris. The milling system is a monolithic gear that automatically absorbs what you want to grind. A powerful mechanism easily grinds thick branches, but the grass in it often gets stuck.

When choosing, weigh the pros and cons, think that you will recycle more often.


One of the most popular models. The compact size and frame on the wheels make it easy to move the device around the territory. This electric chopper performs work quickly and efficiently, without loading the network.

The wide funnel adds convenience in use - you can throw branched branches without breaking them.

The disc with two blades and additional preprocessing knives perfectly copes with its responsibilities. Knives are located in different directions, helping the Viking to grind debris of any caliber.

Carefully thought out security system. So, it is possible to “wake up” the machine by means of a relay - the probability of spontaneous start is excluded. With the funnel removed, the device also “sleeps”. When you turn off the brake, instantly blocking the movement of knives.


The electric grinder attracting with an optimum ratio price / quality. Strong steel knives quickly grind the branches, tree bark and sunflower trunks.

For an hour of operation, the unit is able to recycle 200 kg of garbage. The main advantages of the product of the Dutch company - versatility and high performance.

Iron Angel ES2500 shreds trash in seconds. No problem even cope with thick boughs.

I am glad that the machine works almost silently. The grinder is very compact - it does not take up much storage space. The motor is reliably protected from overheating - work as required without fear of accidental breakage.


The reliable grinder from the German brand, popular in the segment. The company AL-KO made a bet on durability and did not lose. The body is made of plastic, but it should not scare you. The device is really "not killed" - all internal elements are made of aluminum and steel.

The disk knife with two blades of laser sharpening quickly makes out with branches to 42 mm. If necessary, the funnel is removed, opening up access to the cutting parts. This model is equipped with the patented Easy crush system (pull-in rollers in the neck). The powerful engine is protected from heat and overloads. There is a large retractable container for collecting crushed material.


Working "horse", which is not afraid of difficulties. If a lot of waste is collected on your site that requires immediate processing, then this shredder will be useful to you. Without "thinking" shred dry wood, corn trunks, tree branches up to 40 mm. And all thanks to a strong cutting knot.

The skeleton of the structure is made of steel pipe - the device is not afraid of mechanical damage. The plastic collector is located under the discharge port. The electric motor is protected from increased load. If the knives are wedged, the protective mechanism is triggered and the engine stops working. Another significant plus in the piggy bank is a low level of vibration.


One of the leaders in the field of knife shredders. The German manufacturer has managed to offer the very best at an affordable price. The device has a powerful "heart", small size and good processing speed. Knives are made of high-quality steel double-sided laser sharpening. No problem cutting branches up to 40 mm in diameter.

A large plastic container (50 liters) is used to collect waste materials. For the convenience of placing the branches in the neck there is a handle-pusher. Fast movement is promoted by big wheels.


Italian grinder is characterized by a modest appearance, but behind it are unprecedented opportunities. It is strong and durable, capable of flawlessly performing work of any complexity. The wide funnel and long neck will add comfort in operation. The steel frame, resembling the form of a sled on wheels, does not cause difficulties when moving.

Knife system - combined. Consists of a disk with two blades and additional side knives, pointing in different directions. In the middle of the disk is a double blade knife.

The thoughtful arrangement of the blades makes it possible to process both soft and dry stems equally well.


This petrol grinder will process everything. As if peanuts, dry branches with a diameter of 100 mm click. Metal body, high power (9560 W), 16 knives - these are just a few of its advantages.

Immediately it is worth making a reservation that this “tank” is intended for professional use.

If you have a small area where you are from time to time, then this is a whopper to you.

The career guidance is also indicated by the impressive dimensions and the “biting” cost. There are two funnels. One - for soft waste, the second - for hard branches and logs. Good maneuverability provide large wheels.


This shredder is also gasoline, but it works much quieter than electric. Focused on the implementation of various tasks. Quickly utilizes not only thick boughs, but also “trifles” - grass, leaves, thin branches. At the heart of the unit is a four-stroke heart with a power of 8.5 horsepower. The engine is paired with a knife assembly mounted on a wide chassis with large wheels.

The blade unit consists of two threshing knives and two chopping blades. There are two capacious containers.

Front - for large debris, rear - for small things. The second bunker goes down flush with the ground - it is very convenient to rake grass.


If the main problem with which you are tired of fighting is mountains of grass and dry leaves, then there is no need to acquire a large shredder. Suitable WORX WG430E, working through fishing line (patented technology Flex-a-Line). Crushes the garbage in the fine dust in just a couple of seconds. Power - 1400 watts. Instrument weight - 9 kg.

The life of the shredder extends the cooling system, simultaneously protecting from the accumulation of dust. Line rotation speed (2.3 mm thick) - 8500 revolutions per minute. This allows you to recycle 12 m3 of grass per hour.


The compact-looking kid will surprise you with performance and high quality work. It weighs 11.5 kg. Equipped with a 2 kW engine, which involves a Bosh-Powerdrive system. The double-sided milling cutter with sharp teeth is made of hardened steel using Swiss technology. It has a high margin of safety. Perfectly copes with the grinding of dry branches.

Convenience in application adds a wide funnel and a pusher. Sophisticated security system eliminates accidental activation.

The only negative is the lack of a tank. But it is easily compensated by special devices below - you can wear any bag on them.

Before you - TOP-10 best grinders for grass and branches. Brand models have proven themselves on the positive side - they are distinguished by high power, increased degree of reliability, thoughtful design and impeccable quality of work. Choose proven models, and your site will always be in perfect condition!

I have VIKING GE 250. I bought it last year. I do not like my successful acquisition and regret that I did not do it before. Copes with any trash. The wide funnel itself tightens the grass and branches. Bribes that works very quietly - does not bother anyone.

And my neighbors persuaded me to order Bosch AXT Rapid 2000. Before him, Einhel GH-KS was - in principle, also not bad, but the funnel was too narrow, I had to push myself. The Boshevsky Schröder does not have this deficiency, and it has more power. So I recommend!

Long chose and compared different models and settled on the WORX WG430E. Large debris almost never happens, but the grass and leaves - the shaft. I was pleasantly surprised by the capabilities of this small-sized shredder. I was amazed at the speed of work - small, but remote!

I also had a WORX WG430E first. Led to a beautiful advertisement and bought without thinking. I did not fit. Yes, for small garbage - it is beyond competition, but what to do with the big one? In short, changed it to CHAMPION SH250. Satisfied.

Purpose and Capabilities

The purpose of the garden shredder is to crush branches and plant waste into small pieces. The size of the “pieces” of each of the brands is different. Moreover, it can vary in different models of the same manufacturer. Conditionally garden shredders mono divided into three categories:

    For branches. Garden shredder for branches copes well with the processing of waste wood. Some of them can even chop small trunks (up to 7 cm in diameter). But with a shred of grass or vines, they can cope poorly.

The model should be chosen depending on what should be ground

When choosing, you need to focus on what kind of waste you have more. If you have a large part of the garden and shrubs, your choice is a grass chopper. Their knives are designed in such a way that they do not get clogged when processing dry or “fresh” vegetable components. If the plot is reserved for the garden - you need a chopper branches. When choosing, pay attention to the maximum diameter of recyclable waste. Well, if there is a garden, and a garden, you need a "wagon" that can cope with hard branches and grass.

Garden shredder

A garden shredder is a housing in which a motor and a grinding system are hidden. A funnel is attached to the upper part of the body for feeding the processed raw materials. It may be wider and narrower - depending on the destination. A wide funnel is more convenient for feeding grassy leaves and foliage, and narrower for branches.

Garden shredder

Shredded waste poured from the bottom - from a special hole. There are units with a plastic tank, there is - with a soft bag. Plastic is convenient to use, but it increases the size and weight of the unit Soft container for recycled - this is a bag. It takes almost no space and does not add mass, but it is not so convenient to use it. There is a third option - without a container at all. In this case, you can choose to your liking or use both types - which one is more convenient.

Criterias of choice

The choice of any technology is a responsible and difficult matter. It is necessary to take into account many criteria. In the case of the choice of garden shredders, it is necessary to consider not only technical parameters, but also such “subjective” indicators as ease of transportation. The device will have to move around the site - to the place of accumulation of waste, roll up / roll out of the storage shed, so that the location of the transport handles and the size of the wheels are of considerable importance.

Choose a garden chopper branches and grass should be on a bunch of characteristics

Technical specifications

The initial stage of selection is the selection of technical parameters. Selection of the model depends on the purpose of the unit and the tasks that it must solve. If branches prevail, you need one type of aggregate, if the grass and foliage is completely different.

It is necessary to choose in all respects

Type and engine power

Garden shredder branches and grass can have an electric or gasoline engine. Devices with an electric engine weigh less, are quieter, do not have exhaust. But their mobility is limited by the length of the cord and the presence of connection points. It is still possible to use an extension / carrier. Power electric garden shredders - 2-5 kW. Usually this is a household model with not the highest price tag.

AL-KO Easy Crush LH 2800 branch and grass shredder: technical specifications

Garden shredder with a gasoline engine can move to any point, but it is heavier, and the design itself is more massive, as the engine is larger in size. To its mass, you need to add another mass of fuel to fill in, and that’s the weight of the unit ready for operation. But the engines put more powerful. These models are much more expensive - the price starts from $ 750, but they are more productive and can be used by enterprises.

Gasoline garden shredder - equipment more serious and expensive

In addition to the type of engine must pay attention to its power. It is necessary to look for the stated capabilities (the maximum diameter of the branches to be processed) was confirmed by the engine power. Average - 4-6 hp

According to reviews, a useful feature - the ability to reverse. Reverse allows you to fix a failed branch, which blocks the shaft. This speeds up and facilitates the work, but the cost of such units is slightly higher.

Garden shredder: type of cutting

Productivity and size of the processed branches depend on the type of the cutting part. It is of three types:

  • With two or more knives. The simplest models are equipped with two knives that stand in a horizontal plane. Such models grind mainly grass and small branches - up to 2.0-2.5 cm in diameter. More sophisticated equipped with four or six knives and they can stand in a vertical and horizontal plane. Such already cope with more serious tasks.

Models with knives - the most simple and inexpensive

Grind can thicker branches

BOSCH AXT 25 TC universal garden shredder and its unique cutting system

For cutting branches and twigs more suitable cutting shaft

The choice of the type of cutting unit is determined by the tasks for which you need a unit. Pay special attention to this, so you do not regret the purchase.

Convenience of operation

There are many parameters that also need to be taken into account when choosing a soda grinder. They only seem insignificant, but they affect how conveniently you will work. And this is important. Here is what we pay attention to:

  • Dimensions, or rather the height of the unit in the assembled state. The trumpet in which it is necessary to lay waste is sometimes very high - at a height of about one and a half meters. For people of short stature, this is a critical indicator.
  • Location handles for transportation. In some units, transport handles are very low - at ground level. Carrying equipment of considerable weight, bending low - the occupation at the easiest.

The height of the shredder branches and grass can be different, if you have a small height, do not forget about this criterion

All these "minor" details affect the work, and this is important, as you usually have to deal with processing for hours. Being in an awkward position or carrying the unit bent over, it will not work and torment.

Famous manufacturers

The brand is good, but the equipment of famous brands costs a lot. If it does not scare you, everything is easier. Choose from brands. Garden shredders produce such well-known companies:

From these manufacturers, you can take any unit, just carefully read for what purposes it is intended - more for branches or grass. For example (according to the owners):

  • The Bosch AXT 25 D garden shredder copes well with dry branches, and you have to tinker with freshly cut fresh ones.
  • Bosch AXT 25 TC copes well with large branches at factory settings. In order for him to properly deal with small branches and vines, it is necessary to tighten the adjustment until it stops (there is it in this model).
  • Bosch AXT Rapid 2000 has excellent reviews - cutting branches, but not very friendly with grass. It went well laplar trees, bushes, even young trees.
  • Bosch ATX 18-35. Power 1800 watts. It has a screw in a meat grinder, and the field is worth another knife. Cuts large, but does well even with branches of 45 mm diameter.

But if you pick up your tasks - they all have excellent reviews. As with Vikinga (150, 250, 350). Vikings are generally recognized as omnivorous, as they thresh everything (cones, spruce branches (dead), corn, sunflower, old flower stems, raspberry and blackberry trims, dead leaves and grass). But they are tall, especially the 250 and 350 model.

Unknown Brand Models

Of the less famous and cheaper, they showed themselves well:

  • IKRA MOGATEC EGN 2500. Рубит все и очень быстро, фракция мелкая. Но, до тех пор, пока не затупятся ножи. Новых в обычных не купить, только в сервисных центрах.
  • MacAllister 2800 watts. Recycled even the remnants of the boards, large chips - 2-3 cm. The dried branches are cut faster, fresh ones are slower, some of them remain wrinkled with short sausages. The size of branches is up to 4 cm. During operation, the noise level is high - 99 dB.
  • Stiga Bio Quiet 2100. It works quietly, grinds into pieces a centimeter by 2 lengths, if the branch is horizontal, popping longer pieces. Included is a bag, but its not even what to hang, framed box. So that when working on the lower grid to accumulate recycled, it had to be cut with shears. In general, the construction is “lapped” from Bosch 25 D. Conclusion based on the results of the work, who needs to grind the tops, look for another device. This one is for branches.
  • Garden Chopper Skill. With willow branches up to 3.5 cm in size, I coped with a bang. With dry branches of currants, things got worse - they are very branchy. When working with dry branches performance drops.
  • Petrol shredder branches Earthquake 9060300. It has two receiving hopper - for branches and large - for foliage. I worked for the season 35 hours. The drawbacks are big and heavy, it is still normal to roll, but it is problematic to load into the car, it rumbles so much that you need glasses and headphones. Three types of knives - two discs. The first with straight lines, the second - with triangular and L-shaped.
  • PATRIOT. While I worked for 3 days (almost full of light). Normally chopping branches and young trees. The branch pulls itself, but the effort is not too large.
  • Sterwins 2500. For the season made about 200 buckets of mulch. Recycled raspberries, cherries, irgu, plum, apple, tree, willow, blueberry, birch. During continuous operation, thermal protection operates every 15–0 minutes. After cooling, you can work again.

There are probably other not too expensive and normally working garden shredders, but before you buy them carefully read as many reviews as possible. Take into account only those that are given with their own photos and details that you can not catch from the description.

What is a shredder and what is it used for?

Garden shredder for grass and branches It is a special type of garden equipment for waste disposal. Very often in everyday life one can come across other names for such mechanical devices - a shredder or a chipper. Just ten years ago, few people knew about the existence of such machines. Today, this technique is becoming an indispensable tool in the garden.

In stores, a garden shredder is called a shredder. Externally, the device is very much like a traditional large combine. In stores today there is a huge range of such goods, differing in size, design solutions and technical characteristics. Despite this diversity, the work of all shredders is built according to one scheme. The garbage is fed into a special funnel and after passing through the device of the grinding process turns into sawdust. Such a device can grind any garden garbage:

  • tree bark
  • dry branches,
  • dried grass and weeds,
  • cones.

The design of the shredder is quite simple and consists of only three main elements:

The bunker acts as a filter and prevents foreign objects from entering the device, due to which the device may break. Its task is also to ensure that it is impossible for recycled waste to exit in the opposite direction.

The grinding system may consist of knives or cutters.. Models equipped with knives, can fray branches no longer than 4 centimeters. Cutters allow the device to cope with a larger size of garbage and branches up to 8 centimeters. The engine is responsible for bringing the whole mechanism into action. When choosing a shredder, it is worth considering the capabilities of the engine and its power, starting from the size and type of garbage.

Recycled plant waste may enter a receiving bin, bag, or spill out. Some models are equipped with special spreaders of recycled material and have the ability to adjust the direction and height.

A number of devices have the ability adjusting the speed of grinding garbage. A convenient device is considered a reverse, with the help of which, if necessary, you can easily clean sharp knives.

Why buy

In any subsidiary farm inevitably accumulates a large amount of waste of plant origin. In spring and autumn it is necessary to prune trees and shrubs, after which heaps of dried branches are formed. In the summer, grass and weeds are added to them after weeding, branches after cutting the bushes, remains of shoots, dry leaves and remains of fruits.

Such heaps of garbage in the autumn period can be seen in almost every garden. Getting rid of them in traditional ways is quite difficult and requires a lot of time and effort. Removal of such waste requires significant financial costs, and therefore is used very rarely. Combustion destruction is used most often, but has a number of negative points. These disadvantages include:

  • the possibility of fire,
  • legislative ban on burning garbage and the potential danger of fines,
  • destruction of useful plant material,
  • spoilage and depletion of soil fertility at the place of burning.

All such problems are solved with the purchase of garden shredders for grass and branches. The device for grinding garbage allows for a short time to reduce the volume of garbage in 5-10 times and gives a lot of opportunities for its further use. There are the following options for the use of shredded waste:

  • composting
  • making of mulch bark for flowers,
  • warming landings in the cold period
  • backfill uneven areas
  • use of chips as fuel.

Household grinders

Devices can be used to process small volumes. Power of the unit does not exceed 1.5 kW. Schroeder is able to cope with the branches, whose diameter is not more than 25 mm.

The case of the device is made of plastic, so its weight is no more than 20 kg. Domestic shredders do not have additional functions and are generally not intended for frequent, and even more permanent use.

Semi-professional units

Grinders from this category are equipped with engines with a capacity of 3 kW and are already able to cope with branches whose diameter is 30 - 40 mm.

The material for the case is not only plastic, but also metal, so such devices weigh already much more. On average, weight reaches 40 kg. They can be used for grinding not only the branches and grass, but also dry tops of plants.

Professional Shredders

The most powerful devices of all existing models. They do an excellent job with large volumes of work and can be used in farms.

Engine power reaches 6 to 9 kW, so the device can easily cope with branches whose thickness is more than 60 mm. The indisputable advantage is the function of retracting the material in automatic mode.

Professional shredders are able to work for a long time at full load. Manufacturers, as a rule, add quite a lot of options that greatly facilitate human labor. In particular, the aggregates are capable of producing mulch.

Cutting mechanism

When choosing a garden shredder of branches and grass, first of all pay attention to the type of cutting mechanism. In total, manufacturers offer three options:

  • knife,
  • screw,
  • milling

If there is a need to shred grass, thin branches and various soft waste, for example, vegetable substandard, then you can safely choose devices equipped with a disk with knives. As a rule, they are equipped with a pair of flat knives, but in some models their number reaches five. The disk can rotate in different planes, it depends on the design of the receiving bunker. The shredder works quite loudly and cannot boast of high performance.

Some models of shredders, equipped with a knife cutting mechanism, have the additional function of automatic feed of branches. And the simplest devices practically do not differ from the classical trimmer and are capable of processing only the foliage. In such models, a reel with a fishing line is used as a cutting tool.

If it is necessary to process thick branches, it is best to choose shredders with a screw or milling type of cutting unit. Such a branch chopper (the price of the device in this case will be higher compared to the previously considered option) has more weight, but it also works much quieter. Unfortunately, models from this category are not intended for processing grass and leaves.

For utilization of both grass and twigs, it is necessary to choose combined units. They differ from ordinary models in the process of material processing. Soft waste is fed through the upper funnel and is placed on a disk with knives. After grinding, they fall on the mill located even lower. Branches and branches are fed through a special receiving window and go straight to the mill. Such equipment is the most expensive, but also has more impact. The lower price bracket stands at around 3,500 rubles.

Garden chopper motor: gasoline or electric

Garden shredders can be equipped with both electric and gasoline four-stroke engines. The power of the electric grinder varies in the range of 1.2 - 4.0 kW, and in gasoline units it reaches 8 kW.

Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. First consider the electric garden chopper. The obvious disadvantages include:

  • Lack of mobility. The range of movement of the device is limited by the length of the electric cord. In addition, electricity is not available in all gardening partnerships.
  • Electrical installation can not work in rainy weather, even if it is just drizzle.
  • Electrical engine very sensitive to any voltage drops. In rural areas, such jumps are far from uncommon.
  • Short cycle of work. The maximum that the device can work without interruption does not exceed 25 minutes. Then the shredder needs to cool completely.
  • Connection problem If you purchased a device with a three-phase motor, then the most common problems with the connection, as the power of 380 V is rare for a regular partnership.

But at the same time the garden electric shredder is much cheaper and easier to use.

Gasoline Shredders

Now let's get acquainted with the advantages of gasoline devices. These include:

  • The possibility of uninterrupted work in any weather. Stopping may be necessary only if you need to clean the cutting mechanism or just run out of material for processing.
  • Some models equipped with electric starter, start is made by easy pressing of the button.
  • The presence of reverse. This feature greatly facilitates cleaning the cutting mechanism, since rotating in the opposite direction facilitates the automatic ejection of a falling stone or fiber wound on a knife.

Choosing a gasoline chopper branches (reviews of such units are extremely positive), you need to be prepared for the fact that he will need to conduct maintenance. This is a replacement of oil, filters and other events familiar to every car enthusiast. Do not forget about refueling the engine. Save on this will not work, as the engine is quite picky in this regard. Therefore, the operation of the gasoline shredder is much more expensive than its electric counterpart.

Gardeners often share their impressions of the equipment used in the garden. And almost everyone agrees that such shredders are simply an irreplaceable thing, but opinions are still divided. Someone speaks more favorably of electrical devices, and someone likes gasoline units.

Here, in principle, and all the information that will help you make the right choice. If for some reason it fails to pick up the unit that suits you in all respects, then you will be able to assemble a homemade branch chopper.

The drawings also will not be a problem, since the unit itself, if you think about it, is not overly complex in its design. Enjoy the shopping!


Cutting waste with sharp blades in the form of knives. They cope well with thin branches, grass and dry leaves, as well as other soft garbage from the garden. But large elements with high density can not only dull the blade, but also break it.

Disk knife system

Milling devices

In the design there are gears, they are slightly stronger than knives. Such equipment can chop branches with a diameter of 40-50 mm. The disadvantage of such a device is that it does not process the soft or too thin waste, it simply gets stuck in the mechanism or is wound on a twisting element.

Some models of milling shredders have a reverse function (protection against jamming of knives) and adjustment of the degree of grinding of garbage

According to sales statistics in the ranking of the best units, garden shredders with a knife system benefit more, they are sold in the amount of 85% of the total number of sales. Accordingly, the milling variety accounts for no more than 15%.

In general, the design of both types is based on the principle of a meat grinder, only different parts are used as mechanical elements. Each of the options has individual advantages and disadvantages.

Knife devices are considered more versatile and are excellent for a small suburban area, while the router does not break and does not dull.

The best models of 2017 are successfully used for the following tasks:

What garden shredders are available?

All shredders can be divided into two classes - electric and gasoline, they are also classified according to the type of knives used:

  • The disk system is best suited for working with grass or leaves, it also recycles thin branches. Thick branches should not be loaded, as this may cause knives to break,
  • Milling knives are equipped with gears - they will quickly grind branches with a diameter of up to 7 cm, but soft debris will be wound on the knives or will simply heal.

In forming this rating of the best shredders on the Russian market, we took into account a number of features: value for money, duration of service life, equipment performance, breakdown frequency, and so on.

The shredders appeared in Russia not too long ago, so there is little information about them, it is not enough to make a full choice. We hope that our ranking of the top 10 will help you acquire the most suitable equipment that will serve faithfully for many years. The rating is conditionally divided into two parts - in the first we considered electric models, in the second - gasoline, as they differ too much from each other to be in the same top.

5. AL-KO Easy Crush MH 2800

This equipment is equipped with a reliable cutting mechanism that allows grinding branches with a diameter of up to 4 cm. Also, the design provides a large-diameter funnel, due to which garden debris will be very convenient to load. The frame is quite wide, the unit is equipped with large-diameter wheels, due to which it will stand steadily on the ground during operation. The capacity of the garbage can is 48 liters - for a plot of small size this is enough.

The chopper is equipped with a knife chopping mechanism, with its help it is possible to recycle not only dried garbage, but also freshly cut grass or branches. The engine's power is 2.8 kW; a special 16 A fuse protects it from overloads. You can place a large-sized garbage bag in the garbage can, which makes it easier to transport it later. To ensure that all work is absolutely safe, the container has a closing contact. The body is made of hard plastic - it is not afraid of direct sunlight, moisture, high and low temperatures.

  • High power
  • Large diameter wheels provide good stability on uneven surfaces.
  • High-quality plastic from which the body is made,
  • It works very quietly
  • Reliable and completely safe work.

  • The quality of the supplied knife leaves much to be desired, but if necessary it can be replaced,
  • The power cable is quite short - you have to use the carry.

4. Wolf-Garden SDE 2800 EVO

This is a fairly good garden shredder, which is perfect for suburban areas of a large area planted with fruit trees and berry bushes. It copes with large volumes of freshly cut leaves, branches and twigs, the maximum diameter of the loaded material is 40 mm. The unit will be a good helper in the manufacture of compost. The funnel has a significant diameter, which makes it easy to load large volumes of grass and branches into the product.

The container is installed immediately under the chopper, so that the device has quite acceptable dimensions. This facilitates storage of the device. The garbage container has fastening for garbage packages. Оборудование оснащено мощным двигателем, приводящим в движение рубящую систему из двух лезвий. Мотор надежно защищен от перегрева и иных перегрузок, автоматически отключается при выключении электричества, не позволяя двигателю выйти из строя. Измельчитель абсолютно безопасный за счет наличия системы экстренной остановки двигателя.

  • Тщательно измельчает растительный материал, делая его пригодным для приготовления перегноя,
  • Reliable engine with several degrees of protection.

  • Knives quickly become clogged, which is why they will have to be constantly cleaned,
  • Weak attachment wheels.

3. Patriot Garden PT SE 24

This is a model from a German manufacturer, which has long established itself in the market of gasoline equipment and electric tools. The main performance indicators of the product is the high power of the motor, which is about 2.5 kW, which ensures good performance.

The speed of rotation of the knives at maximum speed - about 4500 per minute. The mass of the device is only 14 kg, which facilitates its transportation over the section; it is capable of working from an ordinary household electrical network. Included is a stand on wheels, a pusher for grass and branches, there is also a screwdriver and a hex key for assembling the device - they will be useful in case you need to clean the unit.

  • Good helper for the dacha,
  • Rich equipment,
  • Reliable build quality
  • Wide frame and large wheels
  • During the work is not too noisy,
  • There are no harmful exhausts.

  • In the absence of electricity, it cannot be used for its intended purpose,
  • The length of the cord is small, because of what you have to resort to extension cords.

2. Viking GE 250

One of the most powerful electrical devices, which is characterized by a long service life. The unit is universal, which allows it to cope with both rough branches and young shoots. The design works quite quietly for its power - more than 3 horsepower, moreover, it almost does not vibrate. The hopper has a large diameter, which allows you to quickly lay large volumes of vegetation, there is a system of protection against splashes.

In addition, there is a knife locking function: when the protective cover is open, a mechanical safety lock is activated, stopping the operation of the motor. The chassis is wide, which facilitates its movement and does not allow turning over even on an uneven surface. Knives are arranged according to the Multi-Cut 250 technology, they work according to the rotary and rupture principle, there is a crusher. The engine is reliable and powerful, which ensures durable operation of all elements of the device. Knives rotate at a speed of 2800 revolutions per minute.

  • During storage takes up minimal space.
  • Crushes very high quality,
  • The wheels are comfortable, easy to roll from one place to another.

  • When chopping fresh grass or small twigs, knives quickly become clogged,
  • Noisy,
  • The kit does not provide a pusher.

1. Bosch ATX Rapid 2000

This is the best chopper, equipped with an electric motor. The leader of the rating helped him to become high throughput, low weight, attractive appearance. The device weighs a little, so it is convenient to move it from one place to another.

The unit is equipped with an electric motor Power Drive with a capacity of 2 kW, it provides the speed of the knives to 17,500 per minute, and the speed remains constant regardless of the degree of congestion. Within an hour, the design is able to process about 80 kg of grass or branches, including freshly sawn. The blades are of high quality, sharpened by a laser during production, they are distinguished by a long service life - about 70% more durable compared to similar products. The shredder has a convenient pusher, significantly accelerating the process of work. Weight is only 11,5 kg, there is a convenient handle and wide wheels.

  • There is a wide funnel, providing easy loading of large volumes,
  • The engine is reliably protected from an overload and differences of tension in the power supply network,
  • Reliable knives
  • Compact dimensions.

  • None with the exception of a narrow outlet for crushed material.

4. Patriot Garden PT SB 76

This unit is a multifunctional design with a Briggs & Stratton motor and is used for thorough grinding of dry and semi-dry branches, branches, and various plant waste. The upper funnel is designed to load fresh, wet or soft material, as well as branches with a diameter of up to 1 cm. Grind the branches, whose circumference is no more than 76 mm, and a separate receiver allows turning them into chips.

The device is equipped with a robust stainless steel case, which is of high build quality, due to which this product is absolutely safe during operation. Motor power is 6.5 horsepower, the highest speed of rotation of knives - 3600 per minute. The product is quite heavy - it weighs about 70 kg, so a special attachment is provided for transportation, allowing it to be transported as a trailer to the car.

  • Good build quality
  • High power
  • Performance,
  • Long service life.

  • Large mass
  • During operation, very noisy.

3. Champion SC2818

This design is designed specifically for only cut grass, fresh branches and leaves in the dacha plots. The main working element of the device is a four-stroke engine with a power rating of 2.5 horsepower. It starts up due to a manual starter, is distinguished by a long service life and excellent reliability. The fuel tank contains almost one and a half liters of gasoline - the manufacturer recommends that you use at least A-92. Cutting discs are located on the crankshaft.

The branches are chopped with flat knives, and smaller waste is passed through a V-shaped knife. Crushed waste goes through a special pipe and fall into a 10-liter bag. The maximum diameter of the loaded fresh branches is 28 mm, it is strictly forbidden to lay waste of a larger diameter or dry garbage, because of them the knives will quickly become unusable.

Comes with an ergonomic pusher that fits comfortably in your hand. It does not even have to press hard. The whole structure is located on a metal base, which makes it stable even on an uneven surface. The equipment weighs only 16 kg, it is convenient to transfer it from one place to another.

  • Acceptable cost
  • Reliable performance
  • Very sharp knives
  • Easy to maintain.

  • It is possible to work only with fresh material.
  • In some models, the knives are at a slight angle to each other, because of what they can jam.

2. VIKING GB 370

One of the best branch shredders working on the basis of a gasoline engine. Moves around the dacha due to the presence in the construction of two metal wheels. The device has a small mass, which makes it as mobile as possible among all gasoline shredders.

The design has a good build quality, the blades are sharp, parallel to each other, moving at a speed of about 4000 revolutions per minute. This allows you to recycle not only plant debris, but also all sorts of household waste - polyethylene, plastic and other unnecessary trash. The maximum diameter of the branches that can be placed in the receiver is 45 mm, the weight of the device is 44 kg. Powered by gasoline brand is not lower than the AI-92.

  • Modest overall dimensions,
  • High power - 3.2 horsepower,
  • Reliable injury protection system
  • There is not too much noise during operation.

  • High price,
  • Knives periodically wedges.

1. Caiman DEVOR X50S

It can be used for various plant and household waste. The basis of the design is a four-stroke engine of high power - 5 horsepower, which can well withstand even serious shock loads. The device operates on the basis of the latest technology of double grinding - it implies the presence of a whole system of knives: two sharp self-sharpening discs and one breaking knife.

This unit will easily cope with branches with a diameter of up to 45 mm. The body is made in such a way that it can easily find a foothold even on a not too flat surface. The service is very simple, the equipment produces a minimum level of noise, which allows it to be used even in the vicinity of residential buildings.

The shredder has a reliable security system that blocks the operation of knives at the time of opening the hatch for cleaning the system from sticking branches. The loading bunker also meets all safety requirements - under no circumstances a person working with it will not be able to reach the knives.

  • Reliability,
  • The convenience of use,
  • Insignificant amount of noise
  • Powerful engine.

  • Except the big weight it is not revealed.

In conclusion, an interesting video

You choose which grinder to give preference - electric or gasoline. We reviewed the most popular products in each group, providing the most detailed information on each unit. You can share your impressions of the equipment in the comments under this article.

Garden Shredder: what are

In the market of garden equipment today you can find electric and petrol shredders, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Electric shredder is designed to work with branches from 4 to 5 centimeters. The advantages of electric models are:

  • lack of increased noise during operation,
  • cheapness
  • ease of care and operation
  • environmental Safety.

The disadvantages of electrical devices include lack of mobility and tight binding to the place of the power source. Such devices are thin and very sensitive to voltage drops. The maximum power of electric grinders does not exceed 2.6 kW.

Gasoline Shredders much more powerful and can work with branches up to 8 centimeters long. The engine of such a chopper can be push-pull or four-stroke. The advantage is:

  • absolute mobility and the ability to move throughout the garden plot,
  • speed and efficiency of work.

The disadvantage is high cost of gasoline models. Such shredders are filled with oil or gasoline, the purchase of which requires constant financial costs. To ensure smooth operation at any time, a certain supply of fuel must always be present in the garden area. Such units produce a high level of noise, and their work is accompanied by harmful exhausts, which adversely affect human health.

All types of shredders can be divided into three main categories:

  • household,
  • medium or professional
  • professional.

Household are considered units with a capacity of up to 2.5 kW and a weight of 11–20 kg. Such a device is ideal for a small garden area, which does not need to shred large branches. With a land area of ​​15-30 acres, preference should be given to semi-professional models that can work with branches up to 4.5 centimeters and withstand long-term operation in intensive mode. Many semi-professional models have the ability to process wet and dry waste.

Professional cars designed to work on large areas with lots of vegetation, mature trees and shrubs. Power of such units can reach 8 kW. Professional shredders have large dimensions and an impressive weight of up to 75 kg.

Features of the cutting mechanism

In modern models, the cutting mechanism may have a different principle of operation:

The choice of a specific mechanism for grinding grass and branches should be based on the planned volume of debris being processed and its type.. Chipping Mills considered powerful devices and designed to work with large branches and coarse garbage. The teeth of the cutter literally gnaw a tree trunk and turn it into small chips. When working with freshly cut shoots and branches, problems may arise, since the milling mechanism does not work very well with the fibrous structure and very often chews plant material.

Screw shredders impose special requirements on the material to be processed, which must be crushed before loading. Knife designs are capable of quick and efficient grinding of grass and small branches, but such units are not suitable for working with large and heavy waste. Some models of shredders have knives angled. The upper knife in such models is responsible for cutting the incoming material, and the lower one provides the finest grinding of debris.

How to choose a garden shredder

Before buying, you should decide in advance with the planned scope of work on the site. The calculation is based on the maximum performance:

  • duration and frequency of work,
  • trash volume
  • type and size of garden waste,
  • possible difficulties.

Such an analysis will provide an answer to the question about the class of chopper, whether a powerful professional gasoline unit is necessary or a rather simple electrical household appliance.

After that, it is recommended to determine in advance the preferences regarding the manufacturer and brand of goods. It is worth spending time and study the description of shredders, sales ratings, customer reviews and specialists in this field.. It is worth paying attention to models with the following features:

  • having a speed adjustment feature
  • equipped with a special pusher
  • having two holes in the structure for separate feeding of large and small garbage.

Most Popular Models

There are a lot of manufacturers of shredders on the market of garden equipment today. Bosch and Viking hold the leading positions for several years. The following models won the most popularity:

  • Einhell BG - KS 2440 - household grinder, having a unique system of inclined placement of knives, which allows you to avoid clogging of the cutting system,
  • Ge 250 is a semi-professional compact grinder with the sandwich system patented by the manufacturer Viking and consisting of double-sided knives, making even thick boughs easily ground,
  • Pubert Devor - a professional gasoline unit with two blades, easily chopping thick branches into almost dust,
  • Bosch AXT 25 D - a professional model with a milling cutting system and low noise,
  • Gruntek EL 25 x - milling model, equipped with the ability to adjust the gap for the passage of branches of different thickness,
  • Worlf - Garten SDL 2500 - one of the simplest and most powerful shredders, with the ability to adjust the base plate.

The price of simple household shredders starts from 6 000 rubles. The cost of professional models is very substantial and reaches several tens of thousands of rubles.

What is worth knowing

An important indicator is noise level at work chopper. An increase in noise of more than 84 dB can lead to hearing problems.

When working with any kind of shredder, you must follow safety precautions. All work should be done in protective glasses to prevent foreign objects from getting into the eyes. Grinding should be done in special clothes and gloves. The use of gloves will protect your hands and securely hold the mechanical machine when working.

You can not try to push the jammed branches with your hands.. For these purposes, a special trash pusher should be used. When shredding the roots, it is worthwhile to clean them as far as possible from the ground. When using a shredder with a knife mechanism, you should not wait for the branches to dry out, as this technique does a better job with freshly cut material.

When working with waste, it is worth controlling the process and not allowing nails, wires, glass and other foreign objects to enter the structure. Each model is equipped with an instruction manual, which should be pre-examined before starting work. It is worth paying attention to the allowable rate of loading garbage, since its excess can cause a car breakdown.

Do not forget about the basic rules of care for equipment and timely carry out the cleaning of the structure.

The best inexpensive electric branch shredders

A very inexpensive, powerful and compact model of electric garden shredder. The power of the device is 2.4 kW, the engine rotation speed is 4500 rpm. It is also useful when chopping branches (up to 40 mm in diameter) and chips for making a decorative covering for the tracks, and when getting mulch for compost. A small weight (13 kg), a stable frame, a wheel pair make the Schröder quite comfortable in working and moving around the site. The maximum permissible length of the extension is 50 m. The service life declared by the manufacturer is 6 years. The brand's homeland is the USA, the country of production is China. In good condition, it does not require additional maintenance (which, in other respects is characteristic of all electric shredders), only cleaning and sharpening of knives is necessary. Warranty 2 years.

  • With sharp knives, it successfully chops tops and small branches.
  • Convenient funnel for laying garden vegetable debris.
  • Engine model is protected from overload, from water splashes (IPx4).
  • The noise level is 107 dB.
  • The problem with spare parts.

A powerful device (2.5 kW) with cutting knives for chopping leaves and branches (according to your passport, with a diameter of up to 40 mm of non-solid species - linden, bird cherry) is suitable for a small suburban area. Collector is not in the basic configuration, but is offered as an option. Frame for sustainability. The brand’s homeland is the USA, the manufacturer is China. Weight 12 kg. Turns of the engine of 3600 rpm. Шредер не предназначен для непрерывного профессионального использования: режим работы под нагрузкой – 2 мин, режим вращения без нагрузки – 3 мин. Срок службы, заявленный производителем – 3 года.

  • Высокая производительность 95 кг/час.
  • Съемные ножи из инструментальной стали.
  • Плавный пуск и защита от перегрузок
  • Защитные жалюзи приемного патрубка исключают обратный выброс садовых отходов.
  • The plastic case is not designed for bumps and drops.
  • Short service life (2 years).

The best electric garden grinders of the middle class

Garden shredder Viking GE 250 is deservedly popular among gardeners. The 2.5 kW electric motor provides good performance without excessive load on the grid. A wide neck with a reception funnel allows you to chop heavily branched branches. The cutting unit is a disk with two blades on which two more knives of preliminary grinding are fixed. The combination of knives set at different angles allows the Viking to confidently grind both branches and softer stems and leaves.

The compact housing of the garden shredder is mounted on a frame with wheels. Ground material is thrown into any container or directly to the ground. An open discharge is convenient for a large amount of work, as it allows you to quickly free up space under the outlet nozzle. When the unit is turned off, the brake is activated, stopping the blades for a few seconds. The engine is started through the starting relay, which eliminates its spontaneous start. The unit does not turn on even when the receiving neck is removed.

The grinder of Viking GE 250 - a convenient mobile shredder. Larger in size models, he is inferior, perhaps, only "omnivorous."

Very popular small shredder from the famous German brand with a capacity of 2.0 kW. The grinder is best suited for grinding freshly cut rods of small diameter. According to the documents, the maximum diameter of the processed branches and roots is 35 mm. Productivity - 80 kg / h. Required mode of operation: 4 min. Under load, 6 min - idle. The weight of the mobile device is only 11.5 kg. To move there wheelbase. Collector - option, not included in shredder package. Country of origin - Hungary. According to numerous reviews on the forums, in terms of price and quality, this garden shredder is one of the best.

  • The effective device for crushing of large volumes of thin fresh-cut branches.
  • Built-in pusher increases loading speed.
  • There is motor overload protection, protection system for safe operation.
  • The dull knife can be turned over. The manufacturer offers a set of spare knives. Available for sale.
  • There is no wire at all. Only the plug is attached to the housing.
  • Small diameter of the crushed branches: only 35 mm.
  • Soft, sluggish waste mulch only in small portions when wet, interspersed with solid.
  • Noisy.

The 2.3 kW electric garden shredder well processes small and medium-sized branches up to 35 mm in diameter. The speed of rotation of the grinding mechanism is small - only 40 rpm. This provides a relatively low noise level - about 95 dB. The grinder is completed with a capacity of 60 l for the recycled waste. The folding mechanism allows not to take up much space during storage: the working part of the unit is lowered into a plastic container for waste. Wide undercarriage and wheels of significant diameter provide stability and ease of movement. Country brand - Austria, made on the European site.

  • Convenience of the obtained fraction for compost preparation.
  • Mobility.
  • Compact shredder storage.
  • Quatrefoil hole for convenient bar loading.

Designed for solid waste (branches), poorly grinds fibrous and soft.

An economical 2.5 kW garden shredder with good customer reviews. Branches up to 45 mm in size are mulched by a system of two steel blades. The device is mounted on a wheeled frame for transportation. Weight 13.5 kg. Schröder has a container with a capacity of 40 liters for crushed garbage. The engine is protected from overheating and overload. Brand - Japanese, manufacturing - Chinese. Service life is 5 years.

  • Through the service center you can buy a set of spare blades with fastening.
  • Mobility.
  • Warranty 2 years, when registering purchased chopper on the manufacturer's website - 3 years.
  • Compact storage, assembly for work in 5 min.
  • Well crushes only branches, grass and wet leaves bites.
  • Knives quickly become blunt, need sharpening or replacement (according to reviews).

The relatively inexpensive Shredder from the Easy Crush family from AL-KO is designed for easy shredding of branches. Despite the fact that the body material is plastic, it is able to withstand strong shocks, and all loaded parts are made of steel or cast from aluminum with well thought-out stiffeners.

The chopper is mounted on a frame with wheels, which facilitates its movement. The bunker in which the crushed material gathers is pushed into the frame along the guides.

The high-speed disk knife with two edges surely crumbles stalks and branches up to 42 mm thick. The receiving mouth is supplied with the directing rollers and elastic blinds which exclude a departure of chips. The neck is easily removed to access the cutting unit. At the same time a special switch blocks the possibility of starting. Power consumption - 2.8 kW - provides a good supply of power and does not overload the power grid.

The best electric garden shredders for large volumes of work

A universal combined shredder weighing 53 kg is suitable for shredding garden plant debris in the territories of landscape gardening farms, as well as on a personal plot. The manufacturer regulates the operating mode: 2 minutes of work under load (mulching), then 3 minutes of work idling. The chopper has two loading nozzles: a large vertical one for large branches, a folding one for grass, shoots, foliage, etc. The two-chamber cutting system works more efficiently: different knife discs are used for hard and soft materials. Schröder power - 3.0 kW, engine rotation speed 2800 rpm. The maximum length of a valid network cable is 50 m (must be purchased separately). The noise level is 102 dB. Country brand - Austria, manufacturing - on the European site.

  • The productive device mulching branches to 50 mm in the diameter.
  • Universal shredder for all types of plant waste.
  • High degree of safe operation, engine blocking and engine stop brake.
  • Once every six months, according to the passport, the chopper can be used for professional purposes (heavy load).
  • Mobility: conveniently moves.
  • The grinder is completed with the tool for replacement of working knives.
  • Replacement parts (knife discs) are not available for sale. Only from authorized dealers.
  • Sorting soft and hard garden waste.
  • Pretty high price.

Best cheap gasoline garden shredders

One of the most budgetary shredder shredders with a gas-powered weighing only 16 kg. The universal unit is designed for small branches with a diameter of up to 28 mm, and according to the manufacturer’s assurances, also for soft garden waste: thin shoots and foliage. It has a combined knife system: a flat knife system is used for shredding branches, and a grinding V-shaped knife for foliage. The power of the four-stroke drive engine is only 2.5 hp. develops 3600 rpm It has a bag for the collection of crushed garbage. The engine starts with a manual starter.

  • Independence from the mains.
  • Combined system of cutting and grinding knives for all types of plant waste.
  • Low weight, ease of movement.
  • Economical fuel consumption: only 450 g per hour.
  • Simplicity of design.
  • A small range of sizes of chopped branches (up to 28 mm).
  • The use of combustible materials - oil, gasoline.
  • The need to sort waste before loading into different nozzles.
  • Designed only for amateur gardeners, not suitable for professional use in long-term operation.
  • Requires periodic maintenance.

The best professional gasoline garden shredders

Variable device weighing 73 kg, can grind as soft, fibrous waste - young branches, grass, foliage, etc. - and quite powerful solid branches. Drive power - four-stroke gasoline engine - 9 hp (2800 rpm). Universal shredder is equipped with two loading nozzles for different types of plant waste. Polymer-metal case is quite durable. The manufacturer positions the chopper as a high security device. Brand - Austrian. Production is European.

  • Powerful device that mulches the branches up to 75 mm in diameter.
  • Mobility: the wheelbase makes it possible to move the chopper to significant distances over the site.
  • Independence from the presence of electrical wiring.
  • Durable polymer metal housing.
  • Universal shredder for all types of plant waste.
  • The need to sort waste: for wet fibrous and for solid are different loading pipes.
  • The need for periodic maintenance of a gasoline drive.
  • High price.

With the help of a gasoline garden shredder MTD ROVER 464 Q, you can perform a whole range of garden work. It is convenient not only for grinding branches, but also for the collection and disposal of leaves and other trifles. The “heart” of the device is a 8.5 hp four-stroke gasoline engine. The motor in the block with the knife assembly is installed on the chassis with powerful wheels. Forward and backward in the direction of travel, two receiving bins are provided.

Front is used for branches up to 75 mm. Rear - for small branches, grass and leaves. Moreover, this bunker can be lowered horizontally and raking leaves into it directly from the ground.

The knife block includes two chopping blades and two threshing knives. The unit, despite the gasoline engine, has a low noise level - only 96 dB. This is lower than some electrical models.

MTD ROVER 464 Q is a good multifunctional garden shredder that can cope not only with the maintenance of a private garden, but will also be useful when harvesting large areas. The only downside is the high price.

The smart chopper Viking GB 370 is equipped with a 6.5 hp petrol four-stroke engine. Belt drive from the engine to the shaft of the knives softens possible torsional shocks during operation.

This shredder allows you to chop the grass, leaves and branches up to 35 mm thick. The wide receiving mouth and two-stage cutting system Multi-Cut 350 accepts any vegetable waste.

With such a shredder is easy to manage. The main drawback is that the delivery neck is not included in the delivery set. It can be vertical or inclined and costs about 10,000 rubles. Thus, the price becomes very tangible.

Which garden shredder is better to buy?

Before you buy a shredder immediately better to keep in mind - garden shredders are designed for recycling branches , thick tops (such as corn, sunflower). It is not possible to grind large volumes of grass with a shredder, it will be wound on knives and clog the unit. And the land from the roots of plants - knock knives. Therefore, you should not choose a chopper only for grass utilization - it is easy to chop the grass with a lawnmower and the folded one with a trimmer with a fishing line.

When choosing a shredder, examine its passport data:

  • Power shredder and the maximum diameter of the plants it processes.
  • Mode of operation (continuous or intermittent).
  • The availability of spare parts (cutting tool, it fails in the first place).

  • The larger container for shredded waste - all the better. Optimally - 50 liters or more.
  • For safety reasons, all garden shredders are equipped with pushers. They must be used.
  • In shredders apply different grinding systems: roller turbine, in the form of gears, mills, etc. Grinders with a knife system are more convenient to maintain: knives can be removed, sharpened (recommended at a service center), replaced or turned over with a sharp edge.
  • Maximum diameter of the processed branches, specified in the technical characteristics of shredders, as a rule, refers to soft wood types: linden, aspen, bird cherry. If you plan to use a shredder for the branches of all garden plantings, in order to extend the device's operability, this value should be reduced by 10-20 mm and not exceeded when loading plant waste.

Much depends on where this unit will be applied. If we are talking about a comfortable house with a small plot and the need to grind a modest amount of cut vegetation, then an electric shredder would be the best option. And if you need to free from the old branches of the site, which is just waiting for connection to electricity, you can not do without a good gasoline garden shredder. The specific model is better to choose, focusing on the brand image and functionality.