Plot design

How to equip a garden plot with your own hands


Acquisition of the dacha is associated with high expectations. In addition to the desired unity with nature, many dream of creating something aesthetically amazing in the countryside.

But the arrangement of the summer cottage with their own hands is not a simple matter. In order to accommodate at times the modest territory, all that you want will have to try, and this will help you a selection of original and at the same time quite budget ideas.

Right off the bat?

The Internet is a fount of examples of arranging a summer house, however, basically it is a standard approach to planning and zoning sites. No, you can always find detailed layouts of garden objects, indicating distances that have been measured to almost a centimeter, but these are all so standard solutions that it is simply impossible for them to warm their souls. If arranging a plot with direct planting of trees, a flower garden at the gate and a square-nested garden is clearly not your goal, you should realize that a truly fantastic garden can be obtained only by creating its own project.

How it's done? You will have to arm yourself with a notebook, pen and find a few hours of free time to generate original ideas for giving. It would be nice if the household joined this process.

Step-by-step arrangement of the suburban area with their own hands

Often, the purchased cottage is already ennobled by global buildings, and your mission will be to adjust the territory for yourself, that is, in rebuilding the surrounding house space.

The work on the garden plan begins with a discussion, so to speak, of a strategic question concerning what you wish to see in the villa territory and in what places. Future elements are fixed with the simplest geometric icons. If your site is not a separate island, but is inscribed in the center of the built-up complex, then, most likely, the preliminary project on the arrangement of a summer residence will have to be adjusted and adjusted to meet regulatory requirements.

Cottage Design Layout

When planning the design of the site, you must first determine the correct location of all zones: outbuildings, gazebos, car parking, garden, recreation. This should be done in advance, because the level of your comfort depends entirely on where and what will be in the country.

Try to imagine how your arbor, garden or flowerbed will look visually during redevelopment. All notes and bold ideas recommended immediately put on paperso that they are not forgotten over time and that the project is the most accurate. Well, in that case, when you lack the construction and design experience to create your own garden plot, you can always turn to experts for help.

As most practices show, garden plots at dachas are rather small in size. The best option would be landscape style layout. In order to visually expand the site and its boundaries, it is necessary to push bushes, create paths of winding forms or rounded lawns with your own hands.

It should be remembered that in small garden areas should not grow high volume trees. If, however, at your cottage there is one (no more) such tree, it is most advisable give its crown its original shape. To do this, you need the highest quality pruning.

The design of this area can be carried out both in classic and in some original style. Trees are best for your taste, plant maple, linden or birch. If your desire is to have a garden mainly from fruit plants, then it is most logical to opt for dwarf varieties. Thus, you can free up enough space under the canopy of trees for lawns or place a bench under them to rest.

Landscape Design

A big role in arranging your own country house design with your own hands is, as you might guess, landscape design.

First of all, it gives beauty, comfort and style your site and, of course, if you invest quite a bit of finances, give free rein to your imagination and show your desire, the result will be simply amazing.

First of all, work on landscape design is in proper planning and describing the picture that you want to bring to life. The framework here is limited only to your individual vision: you can create a completely unique and unique site with your own hands or copy any of your favorite options.

  • When making a sketch on paper, be sure to take into account those already existing at the site of landing and construction.
  • A special place should be given to the type of terrain on which your dacha is located, for example, if it is located near a forest, it is recommended to carry out landscape design in a forest style, etc.
  • Do not forget to provide your cozy nest with additional vegetation. If you prefer to ennoble the areas with fruit trees, be sure to bring in several species of wild plants, but be sure to show originality during the design process.
  • It is worth planting a nut, blackberry, raspberry, linden and other wonderful cultures. Such trees will not only decorate your site in an original way, but will also produce tasty and healthy fruits every year.

Additional design elements

Do not forget, when arranging with your own hands the dacha of the flower beds. Experienced gardeners recommend planting flowers that are undersized and are distinguished by unpretentious care.

If you are not experiencing a shortage of land at your dacha, then you can make small own pondwhich will make your site even more comfortable. Near such a pond, you can soak up the warm summer evenings in a cool place on a bench or a hammock, chat with friends over a cup of tea, or simply enjoy nature alone in the shade of the trees, forgetting about the city bustle.

When deciding the arrangement of the suburban area it is worth remembering that the most important factors in the design of any terrain are modesty, elegance and simplicity.

Garden, made Japanese styleIt will look very nice and original. In it, everything looks compact and natural, and all the elements are in perfect harmony with each other. The presence of architectural structures of small size, made in the Japanese style, is a mandatory feature when creating such a recreation area.

At the same time lawns, paths and flower beds must necessarily be correct formemphasizing the simplicity of the Japanese style. No less original will look beds, which were made in the style of the four seasons, although to realize such an idea will not be easy.

Rules for choosing a swing for the dacha

In order for your cottage to be not only a place for seasonal work, but also a recreation area, you need to place several swings on the site.

The best option will be swing sofaswhich will be suitable both for entertainment of children, and for comfortable rest of people of more senior.

To make the right choice when buying or creating your own sofa swing, you need to understand the basic principles of this device. They can be folding and folding, stationary, small-sized and designed for several seats.

In stores, as a rule, three options are offered:

  1. luxury swings, the price of which is the highest - from 1500 USD They possess high reliability and comfort, and also differ in big warranty periods and quality of operation,
  2. comfort class products. Such things cost on average up to $ 500. For this money you will receive products of Swedish or Chinese origin. You will be offered several versions of the swing, based on the material that was chosen during the manufacture: wooden swings are distinguished by an average degree of reliability, metal ones are the most reliable and durable option, fabric ones are the cheapest and at the same time the most short-lived type of swing,
  3. economy class swing. As a rule, the cost of such a swing is up to $ 200. For the manufacture of the frame used tubes made of metal with a polymer coating. Particular attention when choosing economy class should be paid upholstery. In the products of Belarusian and Russian manufacturers, it is made of cotton fabric, which in a fairly short period of time becomes unusable. Although to buy a new case will not be difficult, since they are presented in a large assortment and are inexpensive.

Choosing swing sofas, pay your attention to the availability clamps or stoppers. This is especially needed for those users who often like to relax on the couch with a cup of coffee or any other drink.

When choosing a swing made in Poland, it must be remembered that their things have limitations on the maximum carrying capacity, and their seats often do not fold out.

Arbor for giving

There are a lot of options for construction and arrangement of the summerhouse arbor. You can order the finished version you like from the experts or try to make it yourself.

If you are a fan of originality, and the chosen design of the building allows you to harmoniously fit it into your garden plot, then the best option would be forged arbor. It will definitely look unique, since you yourself will think over the look of all the elements.

The arbor is very beautiful and just looks to give, made of wood. Such a structure can be built independently or buy a ready-made version. It is best to use a pine or spruce to create such a structure.

The building itself can be decorated with any available means, such as climbing plants, which will help to harmoniously fit your building into the existing design option. The most important thing to remember when building such an arbor is that it should remain in any case spacious and comfortable for a good holiday.

Place for guests and family holidays is desirable to arrange away from farm buildings and vegetable garden. From the gazebo to the house is recommended to pave the path of wood-based materials or decorative tiles.

Man-made creeks or waterfalls, original flower beds of bright configurations, pergolas and arches with flowering fragrant lianas, and of course, a green and neat lawn will help to create a pleasant and comfortable environment. It would be appropriate to have equally mysterious notes of oriental flavor and bold multicolored tropical exotic.

Household unit

The household zone of your garden plot, that is, a shower cabin or bath, storage space for building materials, summer inventory, fertilizers, a workshop and a toilet should be arranged away from the rest areas and at home in a single block.

Such an arrangement, in addition to convenience, meets sanitary and hygienic standards. Farm buildings are best located in the north-western or northern part of the site, fence them off with a hedge from evergreens or shrubs from the main garden grounds.

Bright and thick climbing roses serve as a reliable and beautiful screen for household dachas. It is recommended to lay a wide stone or tiled path from ancillary buildings to recreation areas and homes for easy movement.

Toilet - the main household building

You must also pay attention to the toilet. To create such a convenience it is not necessary to invest large sums.

Currently on the market you can already find ready-made toilet blocks, better known as dry closets. And also any expert with ease will be able to make a ready wooden design.

You can make a toilet for the cottage and do it yourself, this will require the following materials: Fiberboard, plywood, wooden boards, decking, sheet metal, slate.


Before the construction of the toilet at his dacha, it is necessary to pay attention to the issue of waste disposal. There are several possible options:

  • self-dig a cesspool, then install a metal or plastic container into it. This method has a minimum of advantages, here are the disadvantages - a lot. Where to take a pot after it is filled? Who will do the dirty work?
  • after full filling of the cesspool, you can move the toilet to a new location, and fill the pit with waste with bleach and bury it. After that, in another place you will need to dig a new hole and install a toilet in this place. This method is suitable for those who have large land plots at their disposal and who are often not afraid to work with a shovel,
  • the most productive option remains a dry closet, which has a special liquid. In it, waste products independently decompose under the action of chemicals, after which the waste can be thrown into the ground.

Once you have decided on the type of cesspool, you can begin to build a toilet. The best distance to residential buildings is considered to be 12 meters.

You should not put a toilet on the border with your neighbors, because no one seems pleasant smells from this room. It should also be borne in mind that this structure should be at a distance 25-30 meters from the water source (water tap or well).

Every owner decide independently how to properly equip your summer cottage. You can consult with friends and family to find the optimal solution in the question of the placement of all major buildings, decorative flower beds, lawns and gardens.

Creating comfort and coziness at your summer cottage, do not be afraid to give free rein to your imagination. The main thing that you feel comfortable in this place. If you set a goal that is to create the best suburban area, you can definitely achieve it.

Preliminary stage

The project must include all the details.

It involves a number of preparatory activities that will make the bulk of the work more simple, not to mention the fact that you can avoid mistakes.

Note. Do not rush to make a plan in one day.
Think over everything carefully.
This will allow you to avoid unnecessary costs of building materials.

In particular, at the preliminary stage it is recommended to prepare at least a schematic plan, which will indicate:

  • garden area,
  • the number of trees and shrubs that you want to plant,
  • the intended arrangement of trees and shrubs,
  • bedding scheme,
  • layout of tracks and paths,
  • the presence of benches and their place of installation,
  • other details.

When creating a project, consider all the nuances

So you will immediately understand what exactly is needed for the arrangement, what kind of plant and building materials you need to purchase.

Analyze the ground

Those who want to know how to equip your garden, you must first conduct research on the characteristics of the soil in the territory.

And what is the soil on your site?

Note. Pay special attention to the level of groundwater occurrence - in the event that they occur at a depth of about two meters, you can safely plant fruit trees.
They will grow well and give a bountiful harvest.

This will allow you to understand in which part of the garden:

  • To plant trees,
  • break flower beds
  • install grill,
  • make a pond etc

All information immediately enter in the plan-scheme. At the same time keep in mind that for the normal growth of trees need free space. Leave about four meters between them.

Zoning area

An example of a successful and thoughtful zoning suburban area

Arrangement of the garden plot will be much easier if you consider strict zoning, immediately defining several zones:

  • residential,
  • recreation,
  • economic,
  • for growing flowers
  • for trees, etc.

Pay special attention to the location of the recreation area.

Note. All zones should link garden paths - determine the best routes through which you can reach a specific zone, bypassing the others.
Make sure the paths do not interfere with the location of trees or flowerbeds.

Recreation area special attention

Pay special attention to the arrangement of the recreation area, adding to it interesting and unusual decors and design elements.

For example, the pots and vases look great in which they are planted:

  • petunia,
  • begonia and other flowers.

If you have the opportunity, be sure to consider the presence of a gazebo or bench with a small enclosure near it. There you can plant any climbing plants that will entwine a gazebo or fence and create a pleasant atmosphere around the resting place.

Benches, table and chairs will not only allow you to relax, but also to dine in the open air

Naturally, it is necessary to provide for the availability of such necessary items for recreation, as:

Note. You can buy beautiful and original chairs and tables in building supermarkets, where there is a garden equipment department.
Цена таких изделий зависит от материала, из которого они изготовлены и особенностей конструкции.
Если вы не слишком требовательны или умеете владеть инструментом, сделать скамейки и стулья легко своими руками .

Делая дорожки, вы можете придать им любую форму и любой вид


Continuing the story about how to equip the garden area with your own hands, let's take a closer look at the features of planting different types of plants.

In particular, any crops should not be planted in shady areas - they should receive maximum light and heat.

When planting fruit trees, make sure that they will not be in the shade most of the day.

To determine the most suitable places for landing you need to create a kind of map of shady areas:

  • take a blank sheet of paper
  • draw a plot diagram, determine the directions of the world and draw how the sun moves,
  • put on the scheme all the buildings, fences and other structures, from which the shadow falls,
  • be sure to mark the height of such structures,
  • draw a shadow with a dark pencil
  • in places where there will be shade for more than half a day, planting fruit bearing plants is not recommended.

Buildings must not block access to sunlight.

But the fully shaded parts are ideal for placing a recreation area and corresponding accessories in it:

Also in the shadow areas can be equipped with a track.

Specific style

In this section of the article, how to equip a small garden plot, let's talk about specific styles that are used to be used for refining household plots.

Note. Some allow themselves the luxury of asking for help from professional designers.
In this case, it makes no sense to think about specific styles - the specialist will select the most suitable option, taking into account the features of the site and your personal wishes and preferences.

Choose your style decision from personal preference.

In particular, there are three main areas of styling garden plots:

  • landscape or landscape,
  • regular or geometric,
  • mixed.

Regular style

Smooth lines inherent in the regular style.

This design option is suitable for flat gardens with flat terrain.

The main characteristic of this garden:

  • severity of lines and shapes
  • all tracks must be smooth,
  • ponds or flower beds have the correct shape - a circle, an oval, a square, and so on.

Additional tips

Own fantasy is the best adviser

And a few additional tips to help you in an effective and beautiful arrangement of the garden:

  • if the plot is tilted, the planting should start at the top and gradually descend to the base,
  • if the garden is narrow, then its arrangement is recommended to start in the middle, gradually moving to the edges,
  • By the way, not only beautiful flowers can be grown in garden beds, but also medicinal herbs,
  • when choosing a place for recreation, be aware that it should be placed so that you are in it, you can see all the beautiful places of the garden and admire them, resting in the shade of the trees.

In conclusion

After the action and some effort, you can enjoy the result!

Now you know how simple, but effective and efficiently to do the garden arrangement with your own hands. We are confident that our advice is guaranteed to help you achieve your goal. Additional video in this article will help to better understand the basic principles of creating a comfortable and cozy atmosphere in the local area.

Arrangement site with their own hands. We make a fence and a wicket.

The first step was to build an inexpensive wooden fence on the basis of a wooden bar and shalevka.

Because the area of ​​the site is large enough, any capital fence would require substantial costs, and this fence actually only encloses the boundaries of the site, making the landscape design of the site more holistic and complete.

Elegant clematis gives this primitive fence a special charm.

On the basis of a simple rectangular frame was made a wooden gate.

And, although the design of the gate is quite simple, the result was taught to be neat and interesting.

The arrangement of the site. Construction of a veranda in the country.

The country house on this site is small, and therefore for the holidays all the guests gathered in the garden at a large table. So that bad weather did not interfere with such feasts, it was decided to cover the terrace near the house with a simple canopy of transparent slate.

Now, if necessary, on the terrace you can put a large table, behind which it is convenient to place 14-16 people.

The arrangement of the site. Country house.

In a small country house a lot of things that the hostess decorated her own hands. Curtains, pillows, tablecloths - with elements of home lace, they all create a special comfort in the house.

The owner also contributed - he made a wooden bench for the kitchen with a storage box.

Simple canvas curtains with stripes of bright chintz add a cute rustic charm to the kitchen.

And most importantly, the smell in the house. And it smells like pies and flowers.

Economy mode and skillful hands will help to equip the country house with little cost. From old unwanted clothes you can pick up strips and tie a beautiful rug for each room.

Bedroom for grandchildren in the attic and bathroom.

Chief of comfort in the house))

The arrangement of the site. Greenhouse and high beds with their own hands.

Old windows are useful for the construction of greenhouses.

Arrangement of the site often requires a simple practical approach than intricate solutions: ready greenhouse.

Near the greenhouse, from the remaining from the construction of the fence boards, smashed high beds.

In the aisles laid newspapers and gravel on top - this will protect against the appearance of weeds.

The first harvest - pepper green and purple.

This beautiful garden looks no worse than any clubs.

Construction of the dacha. Garden arbor.

The next step in the arrangement of the site was the construction of gazebos in the garden.

In order to create a cozy corner of the garden around the arbor, a semicircular flowerbed was preliminarily smashed near it.

A small wooden flooring was made on the brick posts and the supports for the gazebo were concreted.

Established a gazebo. The rear wall of the gazebo on the side of the fence is a supporting wall for roses.

A wall of woven roses not only closes the arbor from unnecessary glances, but also surrounds it with a completely divine scent of roses.

Construction of the dacha. Landscape design with your own hands.

The landscape design of the summer cottage was done with its own hands so that the clubs created separate cozy zones in the garden - near the house, near the gazebo, in the barbecue area and near the fence.

Before the club was smashed, a layer of sod was removed from the lawn, then the agrofilm was laid, and then the ground was moved from the roots, compost and fertilizer to flowers. All this should simplify the fight against weeds.

From trimming the fence boards they made a border for a flower bed.

It turned out beautifully, but unreliably and in two years the curbs were replaced by brick ones.

Near the flowerbed made a small decorative pond. For the bowl of the pond handy old satellite dish. The distance from the clubs to the pond was also covered with agrofilm and later covered with gravel, preventing overgrowth of grass around the small pond, because of which it simply would not be visible.

Blue poppies - full owners of the flower garden next to a small pond.

Fragrant English roses are planted in a flower bed next to the house, so that you can hear their fragrance from the veranda.

The flower beds near the fence were not protected by agrofilm and were heavily overgrown.

They urgently needed help.

The flowerbed was dug over, plastic barriers between it and the lawn were put inside.

Luxurious clematis and roses were planted over the fence.

The garden pleases with beauty until late autumn.

A manure from the chicken coop allows you to regularly enrich the soil both in the garden and in flowerbeds.

Yields are getting better every year.

The arrangement of the site. Garage in the country.

One of the latest projects on the arrangement of the site was the construction of a garage.

The garage is close to completion.

Arrangement of the suburban area with their own hands.

The owners had the opportunity to inexpensively buy natural stone for paving. And in the garden there was such a small beautiful garden path.

Communicating with neighbors always helps to find cheap local materials. It was they who recommended where you can buy a stone for almost nothing.

It is also interesting to see what was possible in the neighbor's garden and take on board.

And in the autumn, mushrooms from the near forest simply attack the summer residents!

Arrangement of this suburban area began with a dream like this:

Which as a result of hard work has become a reality.

But it seems there is one person who is against any changes.

We hope you enjoyed this experience of arranging a summer cottage and you have found ideas useful for your summer cottage.

Useful ideas about the arrangement of giving their own hands (photo guide)

When arranging a summer cottage with your own hands, it is very reasonable to combine functional elements with decorative design. This not only does not violate the basic idea of ​​buying a summer cottage, but also improves the mood of the summer resident. Rationally located beds, paths, flower gardens, and the house itself will greatly facilitate the care of the entire economy.

Walkways and driveways

The lack of improved access roads, a fence and footpaths on the local area significantly worsens the ease of use of the summer cottage, and the suburban real estate itself loses its appeal. Access roads can be improved by doing such a road with gravel filling or laying asphalt.

The tracks directly on the backyard territory can be paved with concrete tiles or polished stones. There are many special materials for paving footpaths. In each case, the landlord chooses a particular material, depending on their financial capabilities.

Hedges and fences

The design and appearance of the fence and fence should be consistent with the existing architecture of the house and the concept of registration of the local area. For example, you should not use a full-size tall brick fence in a country house with a small wooden house. Just plain ridiculous looks like a wooden fence around a large brick cottage.

We can recommend you to pay attention to the hedges that simultaneously combine an attractive appearance, and at the same time they are functional to use. Despite the seeming complexity, it is not difficult to build such a living hedge (assuming properly selected plants). You will need to make a frame of wire or various poles, and later the plants will braid the created frame, creating an attractive fence.

Begin landscaping suburban area

Home improvement is a fascinating and creative process that many homeowners absorb with their heads. However, not every one of us knows how to start such work. First of all, you need to decide what the landlord would like to receive from his summer cottage. Someone is considering such suburban real estate exclusively for home gardening, and someone just wants to relax in nature.

Care should be taken to erect a small house on the backyard. It can be both a small frame structure, and a full-fledged house in which you can live all year round. Choosing the right structure or choosing the construction project, you can build a house yourself or entrust these works to specialized specialists. Today, thanks to the emergence of modern construction technologies, the construction of summer houses is not complex and is carried out as soon as possible.

When planning a holiday home, you need to think in advance about whether water will be supplied to it, and in this case, drainage drainage should be provided. Some summer residents also pre-equip the septic tank, to which it is necessary to provide access for export.

In addition, the homeowner may need to build on the site a variety of additional buildings. Someone is building a gazebo, bathhouse, barn, shed and other facilities. In each case, the choice is individual. Here's another video hint on the arrangement of a small area from scratch, taking into account the installation of automatic watering

Laying a garden and decorating a decorative pond

Proper and timely laying of the garden is one of the most important elements of the arrangement of the problem. It is necessary to choose the trees grown on the plot, correctly plant them and do it as quickly as possible. The fact is that such trees grow extremely slowly, so you can achieve a good result from them no sooner than in 4-5 years.

Now in the world horticulture trend is the arrangement of a forest park, where various berry or ornamental shrubs can be planted in the shade of the treetops. The choice of green spaces today is wider than ever, it is only necessary to choose the trees on the site so that they combine with each other and correctly carry out the planting procedure. Try to choose not just any seedlings, but the best ones (crib of your choice here).

The next stage of work is the arrangement of the reservoir. It is believed that such decorative pools and ponds can increase the humidity in the area, which reduces possible temperature drops and improves the microclimate. Currently, there are special forms of plastic for decorative pools, and the purchase of all the necessary equipment is not difficult. All this allows independently without recourse to professionals to equip a full-fledged decorative pond on the garden plot.

Decorative pond can be a great addition to the landscape design of the site. These are small in their own volume ponds with decorative design. In such bodies of water, you can contain various ornamental fish or simply make the original waterfall. Today, in specialized stores there is the possibility of choosing ready-made ornamental garden ponds, the installation of which directly on the household plot is not difficult.

We equip a green lawn

The breakdown of the lawn in the garden of a country house is one of the most important stages in the development of the territory. In the recent past, when fruit and vegetables were grown in the country, there was no question of any lawns or lawns. Today, with an increase in prosperity, we begin to consider the country house primarily as an opportunity for excellent outdoor recreation.

Emerald green lawn will create the necessary atmosphere in the garden and emphasize its attractive appearance. The lawn beautifully frames the main perspectives of garden design, flower gardens stand out clearly against its background. And the fruit that fell on the grass, do not get dirty.

It should be said that there are numerous technologies for arranging a lawn in the country. There is the possibility of using ready-made lawn lawns, however, they have a high cost, are distinguished by complexity in installation and subsequent operation. Most homeowners are independently engaged in the preparation of the base and subsequently sow the area with varietal grass. Such preparation of the territory involves the removal of sod, leveling the ground and filling the fertile soil layer. You will also need to perform regular watering of the grass and remove the weeds that appear. Despite the seeming complexity, every homeowner will be able to equip such a lawn.

Arrangement of beds in the country

Imagine a full-fledged cottage without beds impossible. On such beds you can grow fresh vegetables and fruits, which are immediately eaten by your household. If you are completely new, take a look at our tips on how to start your garden at this address, you will surely find something useful.

They try to have beds in the immediate vicinity of the fence, which will simultaneously ensure an attractive landscape design, and the site will not lose any functionality. We can recommend not to waste time on laying out all the planned organic beds, stretching this "pleasure" over the years. For example, in the first year, lay two, and then increase their number. This will allow to get an excellent harvest even from a small area allocated for vegetables and fruits.

Refinement cottages - is a complex, time-consuming and lengthy process. It is necessary to properly plan the course of such work and subsequently act according to the plan. All this will simplify such work, and the homeowner will be able to properly start arranging the cottage with his own hands, ensuring ease of use and attractive appearance of the backyard territory.

Choosing original ideas for giving

Each owner of the cottage, if desired, can find a lot of different ideas for the design of their site. For the manufacture of most of the scenery will be enough just available tools and minimal cost. And the old, unnecessary furniture and furnishings will further inspire creativity. Often, it would seem useful, it would seem, completely useless and forgotten things. Country designers use everything that comes handy in their work: broken old furniture, unnecessary toys, various bottles and dishes, car tires, remaining building materials and much more.

No dacha design is complete without intricate interesting flower beds. Уникальности цветочным композициям можно добавить, высадив их в старые емкости. Это могут быть и бочки, и кастрюли, и даже тележки. Многие дачники сооружают различные штакетники для цветников.

Уюта всегда добавят оригинальные дорожки на дачном участке. Их делают из бруса или из камня. And the remnants of materials can always be put on the construction of the next composition.

Bottles, plastic jars are especially popular with country designers. Of them it is easy and simple to build many interesting sculptures, ornaments for flower beds, borders. There are no boundaries for fantasy.

Be sure to place at the cottage bird feeder. Children usually like to watch birds. And with the feeder the birds will be a frequent guest at the dacha. It can be made both from a plastic bottle, and from an unnecessary chump, and from rods.

Without much difficulty, you can make a variety of figures that will bring comfort and individuality in the dacha atmosphere. For their manufacture, you can use a variety of design solutions and materials. For example, polymer clay, the remains of polyurethane foam, gypsum and other building materials. One has only to start creative work and it will immediately become clear that there is nothing not possible.


The most popular among scrap materials for crafts are bottles, various plastic jars and boxes. Before starting work, you should definitely consider the details so that the result was really beautiful, and did not resemble a pile of plastic waste.

Plastic bottles are easily cut, it is easy to give the desired shape. And if you cover the result of the work with suitable paints, you get bright, unique decorations for the garden. For example, you can make animal figurines (piglets, cows, bees) or fairytale heroes. Making such decorations, you can unleash your creative potential, and each time crafts will be more and more perfect. With a large amount of unnecessary plastic, not only crafts, but also pieces of furniture are made of it.

If there is a glass cutter among the tools, you can make original pots from glass bottles. Such crafts look very stylish and easily fit into any design. In the same way can be made and stands for candles.

Bottle caps can also be useful for decorating furniture, decorative fences, creating compositions and even curtains. You can also use the containers of toys from chocolate eggs.

The remains of a natural stone perfectly will be suitable for registration of a pond at the dacha. A small pond will bring a unique comfort to the atmosphere of the villa. Around the well will look flower beds, crafts or recreation area. If the pond is big enough, it can be decorated with an interesting bridge.

Every motorist will always have old tires. They can be simply painted and made of them bright bases for flower beds, and you can show imagination and cut out various shapes.

Arrangement of gaming area in the country

Being engaged in an accomplishment and an ornament of the seasonal dacha, you should not forget about children. They need their own territory for games and entertainment. Children of any age love the swing. They can be made from ordinary planks and ropes or use metal chains and old tires painted in bright colors. From scrap materials it is easy to build slides, rocking chairs. The main thing is that everything is durable and reliable.

For kids, you will definitely need a sandbox. Her borders will look interesting from colorful bottles or wooden log cabins. The sandbox in the form of a ship or car will look original. Above the sand is recommended to make an awning to protect from the bright sun.

Children will certainly enjoy the presence of their play house at their summer cottage. Inside can be placed benches, table or other furniture. It all depends on the fantasy. The house can be decorated with a bright flowerbed or homemade decorations. Usually the guys themselves are happy to take part in the decoration of their territory.

Fence design ideas at the cottage

In the best way it will emphasize the uniqueness of the dacha for its fencing. The fence is not only the protection of the territory, but also the so-called business card of the owners.

A simple wooden or iron fence is trite. It must be decorated. You can decorate the fence with a variety of materials: flower pots, animal crafts, painted landscapes and everything that is enough imagination. For example, unnecessary rubber boots of bright color will look original as pots.

You can decorate the fence with old discs. They reflect sunlight and look interesting in any light. On the discs, too, can be applied to various patterns.

Looks impressive fence of wooden logs, painted "under the colored pencils." This fence can also isolate the children's territory in the country.

Any fence will look cozier if some climbing plants grow along it. There are various species that grow very quickly. For example, decorative beans or ipomoea. You can plant vines. They grow much slower, but look more expensive. Beyond any comparisons in this case, wild grapes. Grape leaves gradually change their color and retain their beauty until frost. Original look when the "grape fence" goes into the canopy. This design gives the fence a vintage look.

The flowering shrubs planted along it will be the beautiful decorations of the low fence. You can combine plants with different flowers and flowering time.

In the evening, different lanterns on the fence look beautiful. They also really make their own out of scrap materials. Or you can simply place candles in the painted glass jars attached to the fence. The main thing is that the flame does not fall on the fence.

Lots of room for imagination will open lovers draw. You can paint anything on the surface of the fence: nature, scenes, cartoon characters, ornaments, small patterns in the form of flowers, butterflies, and ladybirds. It is easy to draw on any fence, but easier on the fence of corrugated board.

The compositions of lids, seashells, stones, and dishes look original. It is easy to make plastic flowers from the bottoms of bottles and paint them in rich colors - they will look beautiful on a wooden fence.

We make flower beds and flower beds

Flower beds will help to transform the dacha plot and bring color to its atmosphere. Choosing plants, you should definitely take into account their individual characteristics. First of all, it is necessary to determine the colors of the "soloists", that is, the main plants in the flowerbed. The choice can be stopped on three or four views.

The decoration of flowers with ornamental herbs and leaves of interesting shape looks beautiful. With them, the flower bed will be original, even when the flowers do not bloom. But do not try to place in the country a lot of different plants. The territory of the site should look whole and harmonious.

Of course, it is not enough just to plant flowers beautifully. More original look flowerbeds also decorated around. The composition must be complete.

Flower beds can be arranged using any unnecessary items. The article has already said that it is easy to make small flower beds from old tires painted in bright colors. You can use a wheelbarrow, a cart, an unnecessary hive, or even an old car. The main thing is that everything should be done neatly and aesthetically. If desired, you can add decorations to the flower garden in the form of homemade bees, butterflies, and interesting stuffed animals.

Around the flower bed you can make a small fence. For its manufacture it is possible to use plastic bottles or cups, fence of tyn, stones. Beautifully the flower bed smoothly turning into a lawn.

We equip a recreation area

At the cottage must be equipped with a comfortable place to relax in the fresh air. This issue should be approached very responsibly. It all depends on the preferences and desires of the owners. It can be just a laid out platform with a table and comfortable chairs or hammocks placed in the shade.

On any summer cottage, an arbor that can be made from the remaining building materials will look spectacular. Beautiful look gazebos, whose walls are decorated with climbing plants. Bright soft pillows or blankets look cozy as decorations.

Swings can be not only for children, but also for adults. It will not be difficult to build a wide wooden swing for relaxation or to make mounted somewhere in the shade of the trees. For convenience, they can be decorated with soft pillows.

In the recreation area will definitely need a brazier. It can be made, for example, from an old barrel. For the evening and night time, you can provide flashlights.

When making and decorating the dacha plot, it is worth remembering that the cottage is a place of rest from the urban daily life and bustle. It should be comfortable and calm, and the environment should be pleasing to the eye. It is important not to overload the territory with hand-made articles or any design solutions, everything should be in moderation. Imagine, create, amaze!