Pests and plant diseases

Fufanon-Nova: description and instructions for use, reviews


Insecticides are very popular among gardeners. They allow you to keep insect pests away from your garden. Agree, it is very unpleasant, when an abundance of aphids leads to the death of seedlings, and the caterpillars spoil fresh fruit. Every year, many gardeners have the same question: which tool is sufficiently safe, effective, and most importantly, universal, which can protect the entire garden. Quite actively used drug "Fufanon-Nova". Reviews emphasize his ability to quickly rid the garden of insects attacking green spaces. In fact, it is an analogue of the well-known means "Karbofos".


What ensures the guaranteed destruction of all garden pests? The answer is hidden in the active substance in its composition. In this case, it is malathion, which forms the basis of the Fufanon-Nova preparation. Reviews confirm that this modern insecticide leaves no chance for insects, because it has a contact, intestinal and fumigate effect. This allows you to use it to fight any kind of insect.


This is a concentrated emulsion that is packaged in 5 ml ampoules or 10 ml vials with the Fufanon-Nova company logo. Judging by the numerous reviews, it is easily dissolved in water and it is very easy to work with it. Externally, the emulsion is a clear liquid light yellow color. When diluted with water, a white solution forms, which is clarified after a few minutes.

Instructions for use

Particularly attracted to the fact that the tool is safe for humans and domestic animals, and relatively harmless to bees. This is a huge plus when choosing the drug "Fufanon-Nova". Agrotechnologists say that not everyone pays attention to this, and the safety of the environment and your family members is a determining factor.

This is a universal and very reliable tool used in the protection of garden plants. But you should be careful - in a concentrated form the drug is toxic, so it must be diluted with water in accordance with the instructions.

Compatibility with other drugs

During the preparation of mixtures for the processing of the garden in a single tank can be added various pesticidal agents, as well as additives for better growth and development of plants. Among the variety most often used:

  • "Kurzat-R" is a fungicide used for the prevention and treatment of viruses and fungi,
  • "Preparation number 30" helps to protect the garden from pests hibernating in its roots,
  • Sulfur colloid. It is added in the event that there is a need to protect the garden from the defeat of powdery mildew. Especially often under the blow is a vine and cucumbers.
  • "Zircon" - improves the growth of roots and the formation of fruits.
  • "Epinom" - serves to protect and support natural immunity.

The whole list does not end there. Summer residents also use other combinations, testing their effectiveness empirically. Unfortunately, there is no verified data yet. At the same time, the drug "Fufanonova" is first mixed with a small amount of water, and only then the working solution is brought to the required volume.

For indoor plants

House flowers are often affected by various pests. The insecticide "Fufanon Nova" helps to preserve the beauty of ornamental plants. With it, you can perform complex spraying of the garden. Moreover, it can be done both for the prevention and treatment of diseases. The contents of one standard ampoule must be diluted in five liters of water. After that, the solution is refueled in a spray bottle and the entire surface part of each houseplant is carefully processed. It is best to do this in the bathroom, placing all the pots in it at once. After processing, you can return them back to their places.

Berry Bushes Processing

  • A solution of this drug can be sprayed currants and gooseberries. This is an effective measure for the defeat of gall midge and aphids, flaps and sawflies. The drug is well helps in the fight against the bud moth and leafworm. The solution is prepared at the rate of 5 ml per 5 liters of water. Consumption of the drug - one and a half liters per berry bush.
  • For processing raspberries, the drug Fufanon-Nova is also used. How to dilute it with water is already indicated above. Consumption - two liters per bush. This is an excellent remedy for weevil, bud moth and ticks.
  • Garden strawberries also suffer from pest infestations. Basically, it is whitefly and spider mites. In this case, 10 ml of the drug is diluted in a bucket of water. Consumption - 5 liters per ten m 2. Instructions for use "Fufanonova" recommends the use of insecticide in this way. Many gardeners claim that the result is visible immediately, there is no need to repeat this treatment many times.
  • Protection is subject to the vine. This allows you to protect it from the defeat of spider mites and mealy worms. The proportions are as follows: 10 ml per bucket of warm water. Consumption - three liters per bush.

Do not forget that only high-quality processing ensures reliable protection of your plants. Therefore, it is necessary to process the entire ground part. Do not rush, the more thoroughly the procedure is carried out, the less chances pests have.

The use of the drug "Fufanonova" from aphids

Perennial shrubs and trees must be protected from insect pests, but it is equally important to provide good conditions for the growth and development of annual fruit plants.

  • Tomatoes need to be processed regardless of whether they grow in open or closed ground. Aphids, whiteflies and spider mites need to be treated during the active growing season at the rate of 1-3 liters per 10 m 2.
  • Norm for cabbage - liter of working fluid per 10 m 2. This is the optimal dosage, which is recommended by the instructions for use. Many gardeners and gardeners consider “Fufanon-Nova” the best way to combat aphids and bedbugs, flies, moth, moths and shovels.

Fruit trees

For processing garden crops, it is desirable to choose a windless and cloudy day. Do not forget about exact observance of terms and dosages. Processing is subject to the entire garden. These are apples, pears, quinces, plums, cherries and sweet cherries. All fruit and berry crops should be sprayed regularly to protect them from weevil, scythos and moths, seed moths, cherry flies. This drug has very good reviews. Instructions for use "Fufanonova" recommends preparing a solution of 5 ml of the drug and five liters of water. Consumption - about 2 liters per tree.

In the fight against bedbugs

Bed bugs are the most unpleasant creatures of all that you can imagine. This is connected not only with unpleasant feelings and numerous bites, but also with the possibility of contracting dangerous diseases. Therefore, a person seeks to get rid of blood suckers as quickly as possible, choosing the most effective drugs. Numerous reviews and instructions for use "Fufanon-Nova" claim that the drug is one of the most reliable means of bedbugs. Despite the fact that it is intended, first of all, to combat garden pests, a wide range of actions will allow you to effectively deal with blood-sucking parasites.

Features of use in a residential area

The drug destroys colonies of insects almost instantly. It is used by special services for the treatment of industrial basements and attics. "Fufanonova" from bugs is a liquid substance. The insecticide penetrates the body of the insect almost instantly, blocks the activity of the nervous system and causes the death of the insect. Remedy safe for warm-blooded creatures.

The big plus is the prolonged action that lasts for two weeks. This allows for one treatment to destroy the whole colony. The hatched larvae will also receive their dose of poison, and no generational change will occur. Reviews about "Fufanon Nova" very good. The only drawback can be considered an unpleasant smell, but it quickly disappears. The main thing - then well ventilate the room.

Calculate the flow

For processing large areas of the drug is available in large canisters - 1 and 5 liters. When calculating the required amount of the drug, it is very important to take into account not the residential quadrature of the room, but the area of ​​the treated surface. For an ordinary apartment, standard ampoules of 5 and 10 ml are suitable. The price is quite affordable. The average cost of a five ml ampoule will cost 10 rubles. A five-liter canister costs about 700 rubles.

Two varieties

To date, there are two modifications of this tool. This is already considered above "Fufanon-Nova", which contains 44% of the poisonous component. It can be used in the fight against garden pests and bedbugs. However, to protect against bloodsucking insects, Fufanon-super is more often used, which consists of malathion by 57%. In addition, it is supplemented with components that are harmless to humans, but prolong the residual effect of the insecticide. Its concentration may be less, which means that the flow is much less.

Means description

The tool can be combined with other drugs, in addition to Bordeaux liquid, however, it is more correct not to conduct experiments. Used by means for eliminating such pests:

  • tick, aphids, thrips,
  • weevil, moth, leafworm,
  • honeyfields, sawfly, scythos,
  • whitefly, raspberry beetle, whitefish,
  • moths, gall midges, moths.

The active intensive substance means malathion 570 g / l. The spraying process is performed when a plant is affected by harmful insects. A substance entering the intestinal tract of the pest immobilizes its central nervous system, initiating death.

Garden crops, often subject to attack by parasites and having to process:

  • apple, pear, grapes,
  • quince, cherry, sweet cherry, plum,
  • currants, strawberries.

Drug Modifications

For the present period there are 2 modifications of this tool. It is already analyzed above Fufanon-Nova, which includes 44% of the toxic component. It is allowed to use in the fight against pests and bedbugs. However, Fufanon-super is often used to protect against blood-sucking, which is 57% composed of malathion. In addition, it is supplemented with elements that are safe for humans, however, prolong the action of the insecticide.

Special precautions

The instruction focuses on the fact that the plant is treated with gloves, glasses, respirators, it is impossible to use food, smoke, or drink. After all the open areas of the body are washed with soap, rinsing the mouth, accessories change. If the agent has entered the eyes, they need wash immediately. When ingested, some glasses of water are drunk, they drink activated charcoal and cause vomiting.

If dizziness, severe headache, repulsive mouthfeel, abundant salivation, nausea and vomiting should be taken immediately to take action and resort to medical support. The solution may fall on the skin, rub it completely impossible, you need to remove something, for example, with cotton wool, and then clean it with soap.

This product is a powerful, dangerous modern tool, with which you should follow all measures of caution. The shelf life of the substance - 3 years from the date of production. The container where the solution was burned after use should not be disposed of in a landfill, especially in a body of water. Spray well washed. Work with the substance is allowed no more than 3 hours.

The main advantages of using the tool are as follows:

  • low price,
  • rapid outcome
  • ease of manufacture, application.

For processing the site, if you read the responses of those who used the tool, it will be enough 10 ml of chemistry, bred it with water up to 10 liters of working solution. Cucumbers are processed once, tomatoes are no more than 3. In case cultures are grown in open ground, it is not necessary to carry out more than 2 operations. Harvest can be collected no earlier than 3 weeks after spraying.

The product is stored at -30 ° C to + 30 ° C in a dry place. Preservation close to food and drugs is excluded. Access to the product for children and animals should be closed. The pesticide is used only in a freshly prepared state, after the set time, its active properties evaporate.

A positive outcome can be achieved only under the condition that the instructions for use and the indicated dose for each culture are observed.

Compatibility of the substance with other means

In tank mixtures often used with other pesticides.

  1. Kurzat P, Poliram DF - for the prevention and cure of viral, fungal plant diseases.
  2. Preparation No. 30 from harmful insects in roots and in dried leaves.
  3. Colloidal sulfur in the processing of grapes, berry bushes.
  4. Zircon is an amplifier to increase the roots, the formation of fruits and Epin Extra catalyst forces of the plant.

Compatibility with these products has been tested empirically and has been successfully applied to home gardens.

It is not recommended to mix Fufanon with other means of pest control, as it is very effective and provides good, stable results on its own.

To check compatibility it is necessary to add one means to another and if a precipitate falls out - the substances are incompatible.

Processing domestic plants and bushes

Almost any lover of houseplants constantly has Fufanon or Fufanon-Nova in stock. They are effective even if other remedies are weak. Processing Fufanon colors begins with the manufacture of the solution and the preparation of the site where it will be spraying.

In the summer, it is best to carry out the treatment outdoors, in the winter time the room is inaccessible for pets and children. Spend it like this:

  1. In the prepared surface (table) set the pots with flowers that are subject to processing. Better if the plants do not touch each other.
  2. One liter of water is poured into the sprinkler and 1 ml of the substance is added and mixed well.
  3. Plants sprayed, well moisten the upper and lower parts of the sheet, leave to the absolute drying means.
  4. Despite the fact that the product is odorless, the door to the room must be opened.
  5. Processing is carried out only in gloves and a special mask.
  6. After processing, you need to change clothes, rinse hands and face with detergent, rinse your mouth with water.
  7. A day later, put the plant in its place.

A solution of the drug is allowed to spray currants and gooseberries. This is a successful measure with the defeat of aphids, flaps and sawflies. The product can perfectly help in the fight against moths and leafworms. The composition is prepared with the calculation of 5 ml per 5 liters of water. The consumption of the substance - one and a half liters per berry bush. For the treatment of raspberries, Fufanon-Nova is also used. How to dilute it with water, already noted above. Consumption - 2 liters per bush.

It is beautiful remedy for weevil, moths and ticks. Garden strawberries, in addition, suffer from pests. This is mainly whitefly and mites. In this case, 10 milliliters of the substance is diluted in a bucket of water. Consumption - 5 liters per 10 m2. Instructions for use Fufanon-Nova advises to use an insecticide in this way. Numerous gardeners declare that the result is noticeable instantly, there is no need to repeatedly reproduce such treatment. Grapes are subject to protection. This makes it possible to protect it from damage by a tick and a worm.

The proportions are as follows: 10 ml per bucket of water. Consumption - 3 liters per bush. Do not forget that only high-quality processing makes it possible to guarantee the solid protection of your plants. Therefore, the entire ground part should be processed. No need to hurry, the more carefully the procedure is done, the less chance the pests have.

Application to fight bedbugs

Bed bugs are the most unpleasant creatures from all that you can imagine. This is associated not only with unpleasant feelings and numerous bites, but also with the possibility of infection with terrible diseases. Therefore, a person tries to get rid of bloodsuckers as soon as possible, selecting the most effective substances. Numerous responses and instructions for using Fufanon-Nova state that the product is one of the most reliable remedies for bedbugs. Despite the fact that it is intended primarily for the purpose of garden pest control, a wide range of effects will provide an opportunity to productively deal with blood-sucking parasites.

First aid for poisoning

Fufanon belongs to the III group of danger to animals and humans. On the site is not recommended to carry out processing during the flowering period of honey plants.

In case of poisoning with a substance take the following measures:

  1. The poisoned person is stripped, given to wash with water and soap.
  2. When nausea - well washed stomach, cause vomiting.
  3. При попадании на слизистую глаза делают промывание большим количеством чистой проточной воды.
  4. Укладывают в кровать и вызывают доктора на дом.

Многие подмечают, что продукт Фуфанон весьма результативен. The drug Fufanon is stored in a package for 2 years, in a special place that excludes the admission of children and animals. It can not be stored in conjunction with medicines and products. Storage temperature -20 and up to + 30 degrees.

Fufanone Reviews

Study well leadership and do not repeat the mistakes I made. When I first processed my home flowers (aphids), I decided to make a solution stronger, so that I would surely get rid of uninvited visitors and burned the leaves. There were spots (chlorosis) and the leaves began to fall. Some plants needed to be cut. After processing, flowers came to life for a long time.

I have a garden plot, many fruit-bearing trees. Come often or live on the site is not possible. Constantly missed the initial stage of infection with all sorts of pests, it was unpleasant - so much work was invested, and the crop was spoiled. Share your own sadness with your neighbor. He recommended to me in the spring, as soon as the leaves would only unfold, process his garden with Fufanon. For the past 5 years, I have been doing this, and he also reminded me to add Epin Extra. The harvest since that time is in order; there are no difficulties with pests. I recommend you.

I am a private entrepreneur, I grow roses. Honestly, the case is rather troublesome. Not because of the complexity of the cultivation of flowers, it's all about parasites, which also turns out to adore roses. Than only I did not kill them. Once he himself was so swallowed up with chemicals that it took him to go to the doctor, and even the caterpillars crawled to themselves, undoubtedly, eat up the rest of the leaves. My help came from where I didn’t expect it - my mother-in-law, an avid flower girl, arrived and told about Fufanon-Nova. Worked out roses 2 times and all pests are gone. Thanks to my mother-in-law, saved my company.

"Fufanon": drug description and release form

The drug was developed by the Danish company "Keminova AGRO A / S", belongs to the phosphorus-organic insecticides of a wide spectrum of action. In Ukraine, it is registered as a means for processing: winter wheat, sugar beet, peas, sunflowers, hops, cabbage, apple trees, plums, vineyards, watermelons, melons, poppy seeds, champignons, flour in bags and not loaded storage facilities. On the garden plots, the pesticide is widely used to control bedbugs, ants, cockroaches and fleas.

Fufanon specializes in the destruction of sucking, gnawing and complex pests, and is also used as a remedy for ticks. In the field the protective function of the drug lasts up to 2 weeks after spraying, and indoors up to 21 days.

"Fufanon" is available in the form of 57% or 47% emulsion concentrate, usually in 5 ml ampoules or 10 ml in bottles, as well as in plastic cans with a capacity of 5 liters.

With proper use of the drug "Fufanon" with strict observance given in the instructions for use of the recommendations, it will not have a toxic effect on the treated plants.

Active ingredient and mechanism of action

The described chemical is an oily emulsion, which is poorly soluble, has no color, is prone to boiling at +157 ° C, and it begins to melt at + 28 ° C. The insecticide analyzed is not an innovation. The fact is that in the composition of "Fufanon" there is a previously known active ingredient malathion in the ratio of 570 g / l, which is less toxic and in terms of its action close to karbofos. The active ingredient is a phosphorus compound. It affects parasites through direct contact, ingestion into the intestine, as well as poisoning by toxic fumes.

As a result, the enzyme acetylcholinesterase is inhibited, the transmission of nerve impulses fails, paralysis and insect death. Fumigation properties enhance the contact and intestinal reactions: within an hour, the pests cannot eat, and complete paralysis breaks them during the day. However, wet weather and mature age of beetles slow down the biochemical processes of the drug’s effect, therefore, in order to prolong its effect, make sure that the sprayer is adjusted to evenly spray very small particles.

The benefits of using "Fufanon" for plants

Insecticide "Fufanon", as indicated in the instructions, has a wide spectrum of action, and therefore effective in combating all herbivorous pests. After analyzing the recommendations of the company-developer and consumer reviews, we came to the conclusion that the drug really deserves attention, especially considering all its advantages:

  • the desired result can be obtained after 24 hours,
  • proper effect guaranteed by the manufacturer,
  • after treatment there is no unpleasant smell,
  • relative ease in preparing the solution and processing of plant crops,
  • low consumption of funds
  • versatility (the ability to handle fruit, berries, vegetables, flowering, indoor and ornamental plants),
  • fumigation,
  • affordable price.

Safety measures when using the drug

"Fufanon" is a low-toxic insecticide for humans and highly dangerous for bees. However, consider toxicity and do not neglect your health. ATAll work with the pesticide should be carried out in special clothes, respirator, goggles, rubber gloves and boots. Do not plan the processing of plants in hot weather, follow the instructions clearly. It is strictly forbidden to eat, smoke, drink alcohol at the same time. It is also recommended to limit the contact of hands and face as much as possible. Do not forget to check the serviceability of the sprayer and configure it for the correct distribution of the poison. When treating the premises with Fufanon-Nova, pay attention to the instructions for use, as well as the dosage of the solution for bedbugs. It is possible to work with an insecticide no more than 3 hours.

During processing in the house there should not be children, pets, including fish. Remove even indoor flowers. Open the windows. You can use the apartment again after one day, after you wash everything thoroughly with a soda solution (300 g of soda per 10 liters of water). Insecticide has the ability to maintain protective functions in the room up to 4 weeks, but under the influence of heat and light loses them.

Protective clothing can only be removed after disinfection is completed. Do not forget to wash your hands with soap, wash and rinse your mouth. If the poison gets on the skin, it is removed without rubbing with cotton wool, then washed off with running water or a weak solution of soda. In cases of contact with the eyes, rinse with plenty of water for 15 minutes. If ingested and irritated mucous membranes seek medical attention. It is important to keep the insecticide packaging label. Be attentive to your well-being. The first signs of poisoning are manifested by nausea, general weakness, convulsions and impaired coordination of movement. If you have similar symptoms, immediately call a doctor and leave the room to fresh air.

Before the arrival of the doctor, take a solution of crushed activated carbon with the calculation of 3-5 tablespoons per glass of water. If symptoms persist, induce vomiting.

It is unacceptable to pollute sources, reservoirs, and wells with residual solution. Also near them you should not pour out the water after cleaning contaminated in the process of working containers and equipment. Knapsack sprayer washed daily, re-treating the culture with plain water. Emptyed containers after agrochemistry need to be burned, without inhaling smoke and released particles. During the period of spraying the garden and after that, within a radius of 4–5 kilometers, the flight of bees is limited to 120 hours. Special vigilance should be exercised if children and pets walk in the yard.

How to store "Fufanon"

With a temperature range of -30 ° C to + 30 °, the insecticide can be stored for 3 years in unopened form. Find a place for him away from children, animals, medicine, food and light. The sun's rays provoke chemical reactions, as a result of which the main properties of the drug are lost. It is unacceptable to preserve the remnants of the working solution, so clearly prepare the necessary dosage and fully use it.

What is a pesticide for?

The tool can be combined with other drugs, except Bordeaux liquid, but it is better not to experiment. Applies a means to destroy such insect pests as:

  • tick, aphid, thrips,
  • weevil, moth, leafworm,
  • sucker, sawfly, scythos,
  • whitefly, raspberry beetle, whitefish,
  • moth, galley, peppered.

The active ingredient of the drug malathion (cytion, karbofos, adiophosphate) is 570 g / l. The spraying procedure is performed only if the plant is damaged by insects. The substance, entering the intestine of the pest, paralyzes its central nervous system, causing death.

Garden crops, often attacked by parasites and in need of treatment:

  • apple, pear, grapes,
  • quince, cherry, cherry, plum,
  • currants, gooseberries, strawberries.

Mode of application

The substance is contained in a small ampoule of various dosages - 2 ml, 6 ml, etc., it is intended for single use. The packaging is cut off along the dotted line, the contents are poured into a container with water (1.5 l.). All utensils used to prepare the mixture will be unsuitable for food and, in general, re-use. The resulting solution should get a slightly thickish turbid-white color.

The liquid is gently poured into the spray and the drug is ready for use. The manufacturer guarantees protection from 7 to 10 days, but some reviews say that the period can reach two weeks. Plants are sprayed twice a day, morning and evening. The leaves are wetted abundantly, but so that the liquid does not flow. It is important that there is a quiet, dry weather. During the first day the insects begin to die.

The tool is dangerous for fish, to a lesser extent for bees - during flowering plants do not need to handle.

Particular attention should be paid to the use of funds, if there are pets on the site or small children are walking. In this case, it is necessary to weigh the pros and cons and carry out spraying only on those areas of the garden where there is an opportunity to block access to children and pets for the period while the preparation is decomposed.

Precautionary measures

The safety instructions draws attention to the fact that the plants are handled with gloves, eyes, respirators, you cannot eat, smoke or drink. After all open areas of the body are washed with soap, rinsed mouth, things change. If the product gets into your eyes, you should immediately wash them with water. When ingested, several glasses of water are drunk, activated charcoal is taken and vomiting is caused.

This drug is a strong, moderately dangerous remedy, when working with which you must comply with all precautions. The shelf life of the drug - three years from the date of manufacture. Capacity from the solution is burned after use, you can not throw it in a landfill, especially in the pond. Spray well washed. Work with the drug is allowed no more than 3 hours.

The main advantages of using fufanon new are as follows:

  • low cost
  • fast result
  • ease of preparation, application.

For processing a large area, if you read the reviews of those who used the tool, it will be enough 10 ml of chemistry, diluted with water to 10 liters of working solution. Cucumbers are processed once, tomatoes are no more than three. If crops are grown on open ground, it is not worth doing more than 2 procedures. Harvest can be collected no earlier than three weeks after spraying.

The product is stored at a temperature of -30 ° C to + 30 ° C in a dry place. Excluded storage next to food and drugs. Access to the drug for children and animals should be blocked. The pesticide is used only in a freshly prepared state, after a certain time, its properties evaporate.

A positive result can be achieved only if the instructions for use and the indicated dosage for each culture are observed.

Insecticide Scope

Fufanon can be combined with similar drugs (except bordeaux fluid), but it is best not to experiment. Multifunctional This tool is used to combat such pests:

  • aphid,
  • ticks
  • thrips,
  • mole
  • peppered moths
  • gall midges,
  • sucker,
  • scythes,
  • sawfly,
  • white-haired
  • weevil,
  • leafworm,
  • whitefly,
  • moth,
  • raspberry beetle.

The main component of the drug is malathion (karbofos, cytion, adiophosphate). Spraying can only be done if the plant has been subjected to insect infestation. Getting into the intestines of the pest, Fufanon affects his nervous system, causing an early death.

Garden crops are most often attacked by various insects, which require timely treatment:

The main advantages of the drug

Numerous customer reviews confirm that Fufanon is notable for its efficiency and affordability. Depending on the goals, consumers can purchase the product analogues: Fufanon-super, Fufanon-Nova and Fufanon K. E. If we talk about Fufanon-super, then we can note the following advantages, which are confirmed even by experts and gardeners with many years of experience:

  • A long period of plant protection after careful processing. On average, the effect lasts for 31 days.
  • High activity.
  • Low percentage of negative impact on humans and the environment.
  • The active ingredient in Fufanon has a unique fumigant effect.

Among the negative aspects can be noted only that the drug is undesirable to combine with other insecticides. Exception group includes only pyrethroid class substances.

Preparation of working solution

In the Fufanon instructions indicated that for best results, the drug should be used in strict accordance with the instructions. The standard formula for preparing a solution - 10 ml of insecticide diluted in 10 liters of ordinary water. You must first prepare a concentrated solution. To do this, mix the drug with a small amount of water, and only then dilute this concentrate into the working solution. As a result, you should get a hazy-white liquid, a little thick. Ready solution poured into the spray with all safety precautions.

Spraying of garden crops

The instructions for use of Fufanon Novova and the reviews about him say that it fights well with moths, flies, mites, peppered moths and aphids. It can also be used against other pests. Today there is Several variants use of this drug for the treatment of crops in open and closed ground. For example, cucumbers, which grow in closed ground, are treated only once, but tomatoes - no more than three. For open ground is not recommended more than two sprays. The first crop is harvested no earlier than 20 days after processing.

Plants are best sprayed in the evening or in the morning when there is no wind and rain. The solution should cover the leaves tightly, but not drain them. The active action of malathion persists for several days (from 7 to 10 days). Pests perish already several hours after spraying.

Depending on the culture and the cultivated area, the flow rate of the solution is as follows.

  • When processing currants and gooseberries from aphids, shchitovki, kidney moth, listercae, from 1 to 2 liters of Fufanon-nova leaves for one shrub. The instructions for use indicated that 10 square meters. m. peppers or cucumbers must be prepared with 1.5 liters of solution.
  • For processing 10 square meters. m. cabbage from aphids, flies, moths, bedbugs and moths leaves 1 liter of insecticide.
  • From 1 to 3 liters of solution is needed for spraying 10 square meters. m. tomatoes from aphids, spider mites and whitefly.
  • Approximately 2 liters of solution is spent on processing 10 blackberry bushes and raspberries, which must be protected from ticks, aphids, beetles and weevils.
  • Up to 5 liters of Fufanon is necessary when processing vineyards, citrus fruits, as well as for cherries, cherries, plums, apples, quinces, etc. In this case, you will be able to overcome the shield, weevil, cherry fly, sawfly and leafworm.
  • If you need to process flower crops, roses and other shrubs, then you should prepare 1.5 liters of solution per 10 square meters. In this case, it will be possible to destroy aphids, thrips, spider mites and sawflies.

It is worth noting that most of the drug Fufanon is needed for strawberry processing, strawberries, melons and watermelons. On average, you will need 5 liters per 10 square meters. m

Reliable protection of indoor plants

Houseplants are also vulnerable to insects, which often affect garden crops. Due to this, the drug Fufanon Nova is actively used at home. The final spray efficiency is very high. In a few days, absolutely all the pests that have destroyed the plant have disappeared. In addition, some buyers noted that after being treated with this agent, the plant allowed new shoots, and the leaves became more lush and juicy.

Fight with bed bugs

To combat bedbugs applied Fufanon-super. The instructions for use and reviews noted that the drug has an affordable price and high efficiency. Ведь те, кто уже сталкивался с этими насекомыми, навсегда запомнили неприятные ощущения от их укусов.

Фуфанон-супер справляется с клопами максимально быстро, а также попутно уничтожает и других насекомых: муравьёв, блох, тараканов и мух. In fact, this drug can replace a whole arsenal of similar tools that are designed to fight pests. In addition to private houses and apartments, Fufanon can be used in fairly large areas - in a warehouse, in a store and in production sites.

Spraying living rooms

In the process of spraying an apartment or house, you must observe the elementary precautionary measures. Before you start work, you need to withdraw from the premises of all people, animals, birds, aquarium fish, indoor flowers, as well as interior items made of wood. In addition, you need to take out all the things that you can wash or dry clean, personal hygiene items, food, dishes.

All furniture must be disassembled into separate fragments so that you have the opportunity to thoroughly process all the joints and hard-to-reach places where bugs nest. The solution of Fufanon necessary to prepare with the calculation: one ampoule means with a capacity of 5 mg per 5 liters of pure water. After preparing the emulsion, it should be used immediately. Standard consumption is 50 ml per 1 square. m. (subject to a flat surface). If you are processing upholstered furniture, then these numbers will increase to 100 ml per 1 square. m. Remember that from cooking accuracy emulsion dependent spray efficiency.

Malathion quickly enters the body of domestic bugs, so that they quickly die. The active substance is valid for 14 days. During this time, not only the adult and young generation dies, but even the larvae. It is necessary to process the room carefully, without admitting admissions. For work, it is best to use a spray gun or a paint brush. Initially, furniture and interior items are sprayed (first the back, and then the front). The walls, thresholds, baseboards, the floor, the doors and the space inside the ventilation are necessarily etched.

After everything is sprayed, it is better to close the room for 24 hours, and if possible even for 48 hours. After this period, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the room with soda solution, which neutralizes the effects of toxins. Be sure to wash all bed linens, carpets and curtains.

Basic Precautions

Experts point out that plants can only be treated with glasses, gloves and a respirator. During the preparation of the emulsion can not smoke, eat food and drink. When the procedure is over, all open areas of the body should be thoroughly washed with running water and soap. The oral cavity is necessarily rinsed, and things change. If the drug somehow got into the mouth, then you need to drink a few glasses of clean water, take activated charcoal, or even cause vomiting.

If you have dizziness, unpleasant taste in the mouth, severe headache, excessive saliva, nausea, or even vomiting, then you need to urgently take action and seek medical help. If the solution got on the skin you should not try to wipe it, you just need to brush it away (for example: cotton wool) and only after that wash that area with soap and water.

Fufanon is a strong, moderately dangerous remedy, when working with which it is necessary to observe all precautions. Its shelf life is 3 years from the date of manufacture. After using the drug, the empty container needs to be burned, it is forbidden to throw it into the garbage bin or into the pond. Spray thoroughly wash. Work with the solution can be no longer than three hours.

The insecticide can be stored at temperatures from -30С to + 30⁰С in a dry place. The drug should be kept away from food and medicine. Access for children and the stomach should be blocked. Pesticide can be used only in a freshly prepared form, since after a certain period of time its properties are lost.

Fufanon is a unique tool you can rely on. Numerous positive reviews about it confirm its effectiveness in combating garden pests and domestic parasites, including bed mites. The main thing is to remember that you can achieve a positive result only if you follow the instructions for use and the dosage for each culture.

At our dacha for a long time gooseberry bushes were simply covered with some parasites, I don’t know their exact name. Struggled by popular methods, but nothing helped. The store advised to buy Fufanon. At home we prepared the solution according to the instructions, began to spray every bush every day. Literally on the third day, the insects were gone, our joy was not a chapel. But after 3 weeks they appeared on our site again. We began to spray everything again and they disappeared. This year we will definitely use this insecticide, but already Fufanon-super.

Every year we use Fufanon nova for spraying fruit trees, shrubs and young seedlings. The tool is very effective and harmless to humans. The only caveat - diluted with detergent. A great effect is obtained; all insects and even ants, which strive to harm plants, die.

For the first time with the insecticide Fufanon K. E. I faced when a tick appeared on our vineyard. Previously, I simply did not encounter such pests, so I initially did not know what could be done. On the website of gardeners I was recommended this particular remedy. Only two sprays were enough for the mite to disappear. Now this drug is always at hand.

What is a remedy?

The insecticide Fufanon-Nova is produced in the form of a transparent emulsion of light yellow color with a uniform consistency. When interacting with water, the product forms a white, turbid solution, which after some time brightens and becomes transparent.

At its core, it is an improved analogue of the very popular Karbofos. The main toxic substance is malathion. In Fufafon, its new 44%. Into the body of insects through the intestines. Sucking causes paralysis, then death. The emulsion is packaged in 5 ml ampoules or 10 ml vials. The manufacturer recommends using Fufanon-Nova to kill and prevent the occurrence of the following pests:

  • whiteflies,
  • weevils,
  • scythes,
  • whitefish
  • mole
  • worms,
  • crimson beetles,
  • ognevki,
  • medyanitsy.

Method of use Fufanon nova:

  1. Packaging is cut along the line indicated by the dotted line.
  2. The contents of the ampoule Fufanon nova poured into 1-1.5 liters of water.
  3. Gradually, the volume is adjusted to 10 liters.

  • The product is safe for humans and animals.
  • The use of Fufanon Novova is permissible on most agricultural plants,
  • the drug is used to kill plant-eating and blood-sucking pests,
  • with the help of the tool you can destroy not only adult insects, but also larvae,
  • after treatment, the substance continues to act for 10 days. This makes it possible to destroy entire colonies of pests.

Attention! Fufanon-nova is quite toxic, so you can work with him for no more than 3 hours. You can not eat, smoke or drink beverages.

How gardeners apply fufanon nova

  • Processing of currants and gooseberries. The use of Fufanon-Nova is effective in the defeat of aphids, gall midges, sawflies, scutes. This is a great tool when dealing with a leaflet. The recommended concentration of Fufanonova for berries is 5 ml of the drug per 5 liters of water. For processing 1 bush use at least 1.5 liters of solution.

  • Raspberries are sprayed with a tick, weevil, and bud moth. Here the flow rate required is the same as when processing currants.
  • Fufanon-nova suitable for the destruction of strawberry pests. This culture is mainly affected by the whitefly and spider mite. Consumption - 5 liters per 10 m².
  • Suitable means for processing vine grapes. In this case, use a concentration of 10 mg per 10 liters of water.

  • Tomatoes are treated in both open and protected ground with the calculation of 2 liters per 10 m². So destroy aphids, whiteflies and spider mites.
  • Norm for cabbage - 1 l per 10 m².
  • Fruit trees are subject to spraying with a leafworm, cherry fly, weevil, scythos, moths. They will require approximately 2 liters of solution each.
  • It is allowed to use Fufanon-nova for the extermination of harmful insects settling on indoor flowers. This is scytivka, spider mite, aphids, mealybugs. Spray them should be in the open air.

Attention! Fufanon-nova plants should be treated only in clear, calm weather in the early morning or late evening. The air should be cool.

Fufanon CE and Nova: the purpose and effectiveness

"Fufanon-KE" and "Fufanon-Nova" have a contact, intestinal and fumigant action, which allows the use of a tool for processing fruit trees, berry bushes, vegetable and flower crops, as well as houseplants. The active substance is malathion, at a concentration of 570 g / kg.

The concentrated emulsion is a clear yellowish liquid and is available in 5.0 ml ampoules and 10.0 ml vials. The tool is used to protect garden and garden, flowering and decorative and deciduous garden and indoor crops from plant parasites, submitted:

  • weevils,
  • moths,
  • ticks
  • black and green aphids,
  • thrips
  • leafwrapers,
  • flies
  • whiteflies,
  • raspberry beetle,
  • whites,
  • mednitsa,
  • sawflies
  • shields and false shield,
  • scoops
  • gall midges
  • mealybugs,
  • with a bitch
  • peppered moth

Fufanon and Fufanon-Nova have retained high efficiency, but the difference from previous generation products is an expanded range of effects, a convenient form of release in the form of plastic ampoules, and safety for humans and animals.

Insecticide Fufanon: instructions for use of the drug

"Fufanon" refers to the category of universal and very reliable meansused in the protection of garden and indoor plants from the whole complex of plant parasites. The preparation from the class of organophosphorus compounds must be diluted in accordance with the instructions supplied by the manufacturer, which will provide a solution that does not have phytotoxicity.

In tank mixtures "Fufanon-super" and other preparations from this series can be used with other pesticidal agents, but most often such drugs are presented:

  • "Kurzatom-R" or "Poliram-DF" - fungicides used in the prevention or treatment of viruses and fungal pathogens,
  • "Preparation number 30" from insect pests hibernating in the root system or in fallen leaves,

  • "Gray colloid", added if necessary, to process the vine from damage of oidia, powdery mildew and scab,
  • “Zircon”, which improves growth processes in the root system and fruit formation,
  • "Epinom-Extra", which is a stimulant of the plant's natural immunity.

The compatibility of Fufanon with other insect fungicides and stimulants is tested by expert mixing. Standard dilution of the drug is performed by diluting 10 ml of the drug in a small amount of water under conditions of thorough mixing. Then it is necessary to bring the working solution with water at room temperature to a standard volume of 10 liters.

For garden crops

Standard dilution working solution the whole above-ground part of garden and garden plants is sprayed carefully:

  • red currant, white and black currant, as well as gooseberry need to be sprayed from damage by gall midge, aphids, scutes, sawflies, moths of kidney and leafworms with a solution based on 5.0 ml per 5.0 liters of room temperature water from a flow rate of one and a half liters per berry bush
  • raspberries and garden blackberries from raspberry-strawberry weevil, raspberry beetle, aphid, kidney moth and ticks should be sprayed with a solution based on 5.0 ml per 5.0 l of room temperature water from a consumption of a couple of liters per berry bush,
  • garden strawberries from whitefly, spider mites, raspberry-strawberry weevil and sawflies need to be sprayed with a solution based on ten milliliters on a bucket of warm water from a flow rate of 5.0 liters per ten square meters,
  • the grapevine from spider mites and powdery mealybugs need to be sprayed with a 10 ml solution to a bucket of warm water from a flow rate of 2.5-3.0 liters per bush,

  • cabbage from plant pests represented by aphids, bedbugs, flies, moths, moths and shovels should be treated with a working fluid during the active growing season per liter per ten square meters,
  • melon crops from plant parasites represented by a melon fly, melon fly, aphids and mites need to be treated with working fluid during the active growing season at a rate of 5.0 liters per ten square meters,
  • Tomatoes of open and closed ground from plant parasites represented by aphids, whiteflies and spider mites should be treated with a working fluid during the active growing season at a rate of 1.0-3.0 liters per ten square meters.

Rose bushes, as well as other ornamental deciduous shrubs and flowering plants from damage by spider mites, aphids and rosy sawfly need to be treated with working fluid during the active growing season at the rate of one and a half liters per ten square meters.

How to handle trees from ticks

Processing is carried out on a windless and, preferably, overcast day with strict observance of dosage. Apple trees, pears, quinces and plums, cherries and cherries should be sprayed from weevil, ticks, scythos and moths, sawflies, moths and cherry flies with a solution based on 5.0 ml per 5 liters of room temperature water from a couple of liters of water per tree.

Reviews of the drug Fufanon

It is precisely the numerous positive reviews that have made the Fufanon series of drugs very popular and popular with local summer residents. The tool has a detrimental effect on insect pests for one day., and the time of protective exposure is several days.